Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 – NYCC 2016

Just finished the Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 2 Panel at NYCC 2016.

The panel was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom and was attended by the full main cast of Season 2. Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Ted Raini, Lee Majors. There was a Q&A held by Doug Benson. The cast spoke about the  new season and answered fan questions.

Bruce says Sam is the bet director he’s ever worked with. Most prepared. Forces you to get the work done. He directs through humiliation and torture. “That was great for someone else’s movie.” Bruce explaining Sam’s style.

Did Lucy, Ted, Bruce intend to be a cult actors? Ted says no one intends to be a cult movie star. It’s the unintended result of movies that are maligned becoming famous later.

Ruby (Lucy Lawless) seems to have a major shift from season 1. She is now part of the group even though no one trusts her. Lucy says  you know she’s part of the gang because she gets covered in goo now.

Bruce remembers reading in readers digest about night of the living dead. He talks about it as a modern movie made in the 70s. It influenced evil dead.

A fan nearly had a breakdown and said he was great so he gave her $10. She explained she had baby last year so she couldn’t start an Ash VS Evil Dead fan club. They asked if the baby was named Bruce. She said no.

Ted impersonates Lee Majors then Bruce and Ted impersonate each other.

The cast thinks there should be a Bruce and Ted show on the Starz app.

Someone asked about an evil dead sequel of the remake. Bruce says Fede Alvarez just made “don’t breathe” and it was a huge hit. So probably not.

Favorite kill Lucy said deli slicer. They want to talk about season 2 but it spoils kills.

A fan asks would Kelly and Pablo freak out about time travel. Bruce hints that there might be time travel this season.

A fan asks Lee majors about joining a show with so many fans. He said he’s exited to be working now. He wasn’t a fan before but he loved the first season.

A fan asks Bruce how to keep characters different. Bruce feeds into it. Asks the fan if he’s insinuating he’s a one more actor. The fan calls him a great actor and got $10.

Episode 2 Review in a separate post.

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