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Hello g33ks, m33ks, Ms. Halloway (not Joan… Lee) and any other masochists out there. Welcome to an article I’ve been contemplating for quite some time but also one I dread. I love films, all kinds. Good, bad, well intentioned or insanely deluded. Orson Welles, Ed Wood, Kevin Smith, Spike Lee, John Ford and Eli Roth all have a space on my movie shelf. But there are some directors out there who have made films (sometimes a term used loosely) of which I have no love, interest, desire, or inkling to watch. That said I believe in a totally free creative space in the artistic world.

To begin I’m going to list some disturbing films that I think are good worthwhile films in some regard. These are all films that depict either extremely gruesome or emotionally jarring events; and while disturbing could actually go on a recommended list of sorts. These movies are only for those that can handle extreme films. Know that these might have been difficult for me to sit through but generally I have done so and turned out mostly alright. They are not for just any day of the week watching.

Hostel 2 – After all that lead up you’re going… WHAT?!? Khon are you kidding? I could show that movie to my 12 year old cousin over breakfast. Its not that bad and I’ve already seen it. Well ladies and gentlemen I submit to you that Hostel 2 is not only a disturbing film but a GOOD disturbing film.

Premise – Three young American women, meet a woman from a small Eastern European village on a train. She convinces them to come to her hometown to visit a hot spring and festival. At the same time two, wealthy American men are drawn into a secret society where for a price you can torture and kill another human being in any manner you desire. It turns out that you can essentially order your victim from a menu and of course the most expensive; and desired, are young American women.

Biggest Offense – A circular saw rips the scalp off of a young woman.

Redemptive Quality – This is a complete film, unlike the first one which had 45 minutes of idiot Americans treating Europe like God’s blindspot. In this film we follow three young ladies who are kidnapped after using their Eurorail pass to spend a few days relaxing. We also follow two men who are being indoctrinated into the Factory’s Elite Hunting secret society. So we actually learn about the victims and the men who are paying massive amounts of money to kill them. A film stealing performance by Roger Bart makes this movie worthwhile. If this was the only movie titled Hostel it would have been a watershed film in the horror genre like Saw, Scream or Halloween.

Irreversible – Man that was a hard title to type. This film is tough for anyone with human emotion to watch. It is extremely brutal, and unflinchingly violent. It is so difficult to watch that when it premiered almost all of the audience left the theatre.

Premise – A woman is viciously assaulted by an infamous man known as “The Tapeworm”. Her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend spend the evening tracking him down to get their revenge.

Biggest Offense – A 9 minute rape sequence. Followed by a brutal beating of the victim.

Redemptive Quality – This is actually a real film. Told in reverse the film follows an unraveling mystery in which the true level of the destruction is only realized at the end. Just when you think each sequence could not be more unfair wait until you reach the final scene.

Truly Redemptive Quality – There is no sexualization of the rape sequence. This is a disgusting act. It is stomach churning and the audience is totally helpless which is why so many people left the theatre or turn the film off. Its 9 minutes you’ll wish you never saw but it’ll definitely make you do something if you ever saw it in real life. Other films like Straw Dogs, either mistakenly or for some unknown reason on purpose, sexualize the act. This is sort of a big defining point for me in this type of film.

Funny Games – This film shows you how sadistic you are when watching a horror flick. Both versions of this film are acceptable. Although, I actually do prefer the Michael Pitt version as seeing actors you recognize will have more of the desired effect.

Premise – A family on vacation in a lake community are held hostage and forced to play ‘games’ for their survival by two, initially, harmless looking young men. The young men dress all in white and act gentlemanly as much as possible, while the family (mother, father, son) tries to escape.

Biggest offense – They shoot the kid …

Redemptive Quality – The fourth wall in this film is consistently broken, it is actually not a horror movie as much as its as satire of horror movie audiences. Two of the best moments are: 1) The Rewind. When Paul doesn’t like the results of a particular game he searches for a TV remote and, literally, rewinds the scene until he can intervene and gain the desired result. 2) Peter & Paul (the killers) have a discussion while boating on a lake with a tied up victim. The substance of the conversation is actually a dissection of the audience watching this film. Basically, the argument is whether the murderers in horror films are the killers or the audience watching them kill.

The Woman – This is 2011’s most disturbing film of all time. A moniker thrown out several times a year to highlight (or hype) a film. Sort of a harkened throwback to the drive-in movie days, where everything was the ‘most’, ‘scariest’ or ‘never before seen’. That said this film is actually pretty disturbing and disorienting. Its made by a director I really respect, Lucky Mckee, and based on a Jack Ketchum novel. It is something that didn’t completely disturb me but I get why it would disturb others.

Premise – A small town lawyer comes across a feral woman while out on a hunting trip. He decides that it is his mission to ‘civilize’ The Woman, but his motivations may not be entirely noble. Even after proving herself incredibly dangerous he subjects his family to her care and upkeep.

Biggest Offense – Lets go with the dogs ripping a person totally apart… although there are plenty of other options.

Redemptive Quality – Once the craziness starts the movie is an exercise in devolving to the basest human state. It is however a slow burn; life seems idyllic and at first it seems like the introduction of this feral woman into their lives is the first sign of trouble for this family. It is only once you’ve spent some time watching them that you realize how long this family has been disguising the evil they live with every day. Its not pleasant but it is a good film.

The following films are NOT RECOMMENDED … I know I might as well hand them directly to you after writing that but I don’t want to be responsible for your nightmares. Instead of talking about the worst moment in the film … I’m going to highlight the moment when I paused the film, stopped watching momentarily, or simply just stopped watching. That or the aspect of the film is so widely discussed that it kept me from watching at all. If you watch these flicks, Google them, or have someone explain them to you … its on you.

In My Skin – Ugh … this is a film that just skeeves me out in pretty much every way possible.

Premise – A young woman falls at a party and badly injures her leg on a piece of metal. She then begins to disassociate her mental state and her body causing her to lapse into a kind of madness. She becomes obsessed with mutilating herself, reopening the wound time and time again.

The Moment of Pause – She cuts open her leg and begins to consume her own flesh.

Redemptive Quality – There are a few things that redeem this film. Its an extremely abstract, surreal movie in which some of the more terrifying actions are kind of obscured by the visual style. That doesn’t mean every time she eats a piece of herself its obscured … just some of the time. The other aspect that might help you through the film is that at the end of the day its a psychodrama and dark comedy more than its a horror film.

Happiness – Proves that the most disturbing moment in a film can be a conversation.

Premise – Three sisters (homemaker, businesswoman, free spirit) from suburban NJ watch their lives fall apart/come together as they deal with the men in their lives.

The Moment of Pause – The Son of the housewife confronts his Father about rumors of his being a pedophile and the Father admits to drugging and assaulting two of his son’s friends. The Father then admits he’d do it again if given the chance but he’d never hurt the Son. Instead, he just … self-gratifies.

Redemptive Quality – Its extremely hard to defend this film. It is basically a dark sitcom without a laugh track. The punchlines are conversations like the one above. Some people think its brilliant, its won awards and been recognized at film festivals. Dylan Baker’s performance is extremely brave but its still pretty revolting.

Martyrs – 2008’s most disturbing film of all time.

Premise – A young woman who escaped abuse as a child brutally murders the family she holds responsible for her captivity. She calls her friend, also a survivor of abuse, to help her bury the family. This leads to a much deeper mystery involving a conspiracy of abusers in a psuedo-religious secret society.

The Moment of Pause – Flaying (skinning) a person alive.

Redemptive Quality – It represents a new level of horror from the French genre community. Like High Tension and Inside it is a fairly unique genre offering but it’s also unbelievably hard to watch.

A Serbian Film – Well obviously it was going to end here. I could have gone with Cannibal Holocaust which features actual animal killing, I could have put Megan Is Missing of which the last 22 minutes actually cause people to question calling the police, I could have gone with Salo or Human Centipede 2 with all their human waste eating glory. In the 90s Charlie Sheen once reported the film Flowers of Flesh and Blood as an actual snuff film. I could have even gone with Audition because (pun intended) you never see that kind of brutality coming … but honestly nothing can beat this movie for moment after moment breaking its contract with the audience. The actual most disturbing film of all time no matter what the year.

Premise – A former adult film actor is contacted by a former performing partner to star with her in one last film for a private director/collector. After the first day of shooting he is drugged and he wakes up days later with no memory. He returns to the studio and screens the last three days of footage. This also restores the memories he’s repressed of the unbelievably traumatic acts he’s been forced to perform.

The Moment of Pause – I’ve never watched this film because of a single scene in which a woman gives birth, then the man who helped her give birth, rapes the baby.

Redemptive quality – There is none.

In the ‘horror’ viewing community there’s often pride attached to watching certain movies. Even whole websites dedicated to rape revenge, torture, and splatter films. Can someone top this film as the most disturbing of all time … yes. Would someone want to … I can promise you that someone out there wants to top it and will consider it a point of pride to beat it. This film is actually banned in several countries around the world and Netflix dropped its listing and availability without explanation. The filmmakers would have you believe that it is because the film is being censored and I would agree. I think that banning films, censoring films that do not feature actual crimes and arresting distributors who show the film (which happened in Spain) is wrong. That said I think that this film is made in bad taste, has no point but to disgust anyone watching it, and is made by a wannabe artistic genius. My “serial killer with a camera theory” is no more evident than A Serbian Film.

So there you go. Enjoy … or not … Just don’t blame me if you watch something and it scars you for life. Feel free to add and discuss your own most disturbing movies lists below.

Mr. Khon

Mr. Khon

Our own version of The Illusive Man, Mr. Khon's identity is kept secret until he sells a screenplay. Once that happens, he's taking us all to the big time.


  1. Well… I will DEFINITELY not be watching “A Serbian Film”, (was planning on trying it someday).

    Another movie worth noting is Antichrist

    • I was planning on watching A Serbian Film, but now I’m gladly shelving it. I almost threw up just reading the worst part of the film.

      • That’s not the worst part of the film, sadly.

        • I watched the whole damn thing.
          It’s rly disgusting but the ending is not that bad but even more disgusting.
          You have to watch it then you can say i’ve seen it all lol

      • I watched it and I’ve been in a bad mood for the last three days. And that newborn rape scene was not the worst in the movie by a long shot though. Too hard to suspend your disbelief. There are some scenes after it that literally almost made me throw up and I have a fairly high tolerance for that sort of thing.

        Honestly though, if you can get past the film destroying your psychology, it has some cool things to say. A meditation on the fact that our consumerist culture demands increasingly extreme examples of the limits of humanity because we no longer engage in any violence in reality. The fact that everything we do is recorded and there is no longer a private moment, no matter how fucked up that moment may be.

        Also, the story is well paced, well told, and has some interesting twists that are well set up. It’s a solid story that is true to itself.

      • I wAtched it, I mean it’s not real. It’s not even too graphic of a scene. It’s what your mind thinks is going on, I mean it’s implied. Watch the move, there’s some funny parts too.

  2. Ha! Another vote for Antichrist (it was the first thing that I thought of when Mr. K mentioned this topic), though I fully admit to telling people NOT to watch Antichrist just so they’ll watch it and I can discuss its terrible weirdness with them. It’s not even a terrible movie, just… *shudder*

  3. Thanks for reading the article. I can do more on things like this in the future if there is an interest.

    Jake if you want to understand the real depth of the darkness of the film, you should read the BBFC notes on what they felt was necessary to give the film an 18 rating in the UK.


    There are a ton of defenders of the film, really hardcore defenders. I am a defender of the right to make it, and the right to see it. I don’t really buy the filmmaker’s argument that this is an allegory to treatment of Serbs by their government, which they only came to after trying to argue that it was about the fact that most real movies are actually pornography and this film is somehow more real. It never made a ton of sense to me.

    Eco – Antichrist (which is available on Netflix Instant) is one of the more disorienting and weird movies I’ve ever seen… Also the treatment of certain organs… Not fun being Man.

  4. This article is all over the place. I’m not going to comment on your review of all of these movies. Just the ones that I think you’re insanely off-base with.

    Let’s start with Hostel 2. Hostel 2? Really? First of all, the original was WAY worse, in terms of gore. Plus, it has the amazing cameo by Takeshi Miike. The “biggest offense” is the scene where the girl’s hair gets wrapped up in a circular saw? And her scalp doesn’t get ripped off. Rewatch the scene without your hands covering your eyes. You think that’s worse than a full-on view of a dude getting his ENTIRE package cut off with garden shears and then fed to a dog? C’mon…. the nose bite was worse than the hair in the saw.

    Also, I’m surprised that you’d recommend both versions of Funny Games. I watched the first one and thought it was OK. I watched the remake (which you forgot to mention was a scene-for-scene remake by the same director) and thought it was brilliant. The entire movie is the dialog, so unless you speak German, all the subtlety of the original is lost. Whether you recognize Michael Pitt is irrelevant.

    Now the movies you don’t recommend seeing… this is where you lose all credibility in my book. First of all, Happiness is one of the most awkwardly hilarious movies of all time. And you’re putting it in the same list as A Serbian Film? WTF? I’ll agree, A Serbian Film was terrible. But why even put it in the list? It’s just a shitty movie with a bunch of scenes designed to shock. But all of that aside… you didn’t even watch it! Why list a movie you’ve only heard about? And trust me, the scene you’re talking about – it’s not nearly as bad as other ones.

    Here’s where you totally lost me… Martyrs. That is easily one of the best horror movies of all time. The story is amazing. You never know what’s going to happen next. It’s brutal as hell without being gore-porn like Hostel. You actually care about what happens. Sure, it’s pretty intense, but if you’re a horror fan, it’s MUST SEE. How could you recommend not to watch it? Did you even watch it?


    • Jeffrey knows what’s up. Also, I think you’re doing readers a disservice by writing out the most shocking moment – I know it makes the article more entertaining, but it also somewhat ruins some of these movies (specifically, the ones that are really worth watching.)

    • Jeffrey, I appreciate you reading the article. I’ll respond to some of the points you made. Obviously you’re a passionate genre fan but I’m gonna hit you with this up front.

      You obviously disagree with me and you should absolutely feel free to, but stop with the watch it again with out covering your eyes garbage. It makes anything else you have to say sound like ‘Comic Book Guy’ on The Simpsons. I didn’t watch A Serbian Film and all of Megan is Missing… everything else on this list; even the quick mentions at the end, are movies I’ve watched.

      I went with the circular saw in Hostel 2 as the big hit and I’ve felt that way since the theatre. The castration doesn’t bother me. I’ve seen the results of an actual castration in court evidence I’ve worked on. Plus, that moment is so triumphant it makes you feel good. How can feeling good disturb you? As to why I didn’t go with the original Hostel? The first 45 minutes is Americans showing the rest of the world that they’re the spoiled children they think we all are. Its pointless. Miike’s cameo doesn’t save any part of the movie before the Drilling/Achilles Tendon sequence. In Hostel 2 you get more examination of the mental state of the type of person who’d join Elite Hunting, you care about the girls b/c they’re not total jerks, and there’s a complete plot.

      In the case of Happiness I did say that there are people that think its funny, brilliant and award worthy. I’m not one of them. I’ve met Todd Solondz and talked to him about his flick. From what he told me I am not alone in feeling this way about it and there are people who have been much more unkind than I’ve been here.

      I know you feel strongly about Martyrs but presuming I didn’t see it because I didn’t recommend it is specious. I’ve seen it and it almost got the recommended slot Irreversible got. Difference is, in real life I’ve actually recommended someone see Irreversible I’ve never recommended Martyrs to anyone.

      I don’t think it makes someone a REAL HORROR FAN to watch a specific movie. People say that so often it loses all meaning. Is someone not a REAL HORROR FAN if they only really love slasher flicks like Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween? What about classics only like The Exorcist, The Thing, or The Shining? Who decides what qualifies? The same guys who decide you’re not a REAL COMIC FAN if you only read superhero books… Or not a REAL MUSIC FAN if you don’t love classic rock…

      At the end of the day, people are going to be way more tempted to watch the non-recommended list than the recommended one. I’ve told 3 personally and a ton of people on our podcast not to watch Megan is Missing. All three and a few podcast fans have seen and consequently regret it. This phenomenon is what inspired this article in the first place.

      • Yay! I got more movies. Ever since I have watched Megan is Missing I wanted more like that… It was so messed up its not even funny. I wish I could have showed my friend it but they took it off netflix.

        • No they didn’t. That’s where I watched Megan is Missing. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time…just use the search option on netflix and you’ll find it. Show your friend. Don’t warn him/her, either, if you haven’t already.

      • lol you’re such a pussy

  5. I must be a sick individual, but I love these types of gore-horror movies. This list made me check some out, starting with A Serbian Film. Thanks for the write up!

    PS – After watching A Serbian Film, I’m not sure if it can be topped without being actual snuff. We’ll see how long this statement can live before being proven wrong!

    • If you made it through A Serbian Film, then you’ll have no problem with any of these: Audition, The Woman, Martyrs, Ichi The Killer, Imprint, Inside, Zivot i smrt porno bande, and Megan is Missing. If you take any of these on let us know what you think.

      • I didn’t mind Audition as much. Just reading the outlines of these other movies, I don’t think Audition is in the same “league” as them. Not to say that it wasn’t disturbing and difficult to watch in areas, but just not the same.

      • Megan is Missing scared me a million times more than A Serbian Film did. A Serbian Film just kind of made me sick….Megan truly scared me enough that I didn’t want to go outside to smoke after I watched it.

        • I agree 100%, the movie and how it was set up wasn’t really scary. What was the scariest was when he sent the two pictures to the news team and the barrel scene!! Those two scenes have scarred me for life!! What is also scary is that people are capable of doing that to other people and you never know if it would end up being you or someone you know and love!!

      • I dunno why u put Imprint on here as I just finished watching it and it does not belong in a “most disturbing” category. Although good, not necessarily disturbing.

  6. Also, Jeffery’s post is ridiculous. This page is a blog post and a commenter argues opinions? Sad. Write you own reviews, bro.

  7. I can’t express my sickening love enough for Funny Games (Hell, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do an act as them for at least 2 years). I still have yet to see most of the “recommended” list… as soon as I saw Lucky McKee and Angela Bettis for The Woman I immediately started combing the internet (what can I say? I love May!)

    I have indeed watched Megan is Missing. I watched it after 3 close friends of mine watched it. One watched it unflinching, one thought the same crazy shit was as crazy as I did, and one became absolutely mortified to the point that she wouldn’t go out to her car to grab something in broad daylight alone. I watched it a few days later. Home alone, but 3:00 in the afternoon over Skype with one of my friends. He only watched the last 22 minutes with me because (not trying to be Snarky the Snark) up until the last 22 minutes the movie is complete and utter garbage. But those last 22 minutes shit does get RIDICULOUS.

    ie: was watching before my friend was watching with me, horrendous rape scene where girl was screaming for about 4 out of the 8 minutes, then goes catatonic,
    “Oh well it sounds like the rape scene is over.”
    Me: “Nope. Pretty much just got 10x worse.”

    And when Khon says “Hey. Don’t watch these.” generally I listen. I can do with Freddy Krueger. I can do with ghosts and spirits and creepy shit. I can even do with gore to a point…But when it gets to the point of “fucked up for the point of being fucked up” or realistic horror (sorry but when I think about the amount of strangers I talk to via Facebook and shit it gets scary when you think of people who actually do kidnap and do horrendous things to people every day).

    That was a very all over the place and surprisingly thought out post I just made. Happy Chrimbus!

  8. Also I’m using this as a “shopping list” of things to download on my days off.

  9. I am a 33 old male who has seen a shitload of gross and “Bad Taste”-Movies. I just made it through A Serbian Film. This is the sickest piece of shit I’ve seen in my entire life. And it’s not just the baby-scene, the whole movie takes disgust to a whole new level. I am really into violence and gore in movies, but geez, REALLY? What the Fuck? Gonna go back to bambi and cry me into sleep right now…

    • I lived through the Balkan conflict in Bosnia and let me tell you, shit like that happened in front of us. Newborns being raped and ripped from their mother wombs, necrophilia, and other stuff I won’t even bother mentioning and it was all done by the Serbians. Look into some things they did in real life if this film shocked you.

  10. So, just read this list and found it pretty interesting. Firstly, Hostel 2 should not be in this list, nor should the first or third one for that matter, its just boring gore which doesn’t do much for me. This may be because i’ve seen all the saw’s and other gore based movies and i’m desensitised by it all or something, but anyway thats my opinion.

    Secondly, I also agree with one of jeffrey’s point about A Serbian Film, You really should watch it to truly write about it, but fair play on owning up to not having watched it. It really isn’t a good film, and like Jeffrey says, it is just full of shock scenes and has no substance or depth to it.

    I have watched many horror films that are shocking, disgusting and disturbing. The list is endless. Also i have watched many “shocumentaries” which are REAL which possibly could be the most disturbing pieces of footage ever captured based on this fact, so i would recommend documentaries which come under that category if you want some nightmares. Stay clear of faces of death though, because some of the footage is faked 🙂

    However, the most disturbing film i have seen is Megan is Missing… hands down. This came as a surprise to me, because i can deal with gore, torture, serial killers etc… but this was something else… Yes, the start is quite mundane and boring, but i think thats what adds to the shock of the photos, almost popping up out of no-where. i couldn’t stop thinking about them, or the barrel scene for ages after watching it. To this day i can still visualise those pictures so clearly. Even though there isn’t gore everywhere, the subtlety and simplicity of this movie makes it powerful and sends a clear message to everyone who watches it to be careful who they speak to online…

  11. I just watched A Serbian Film…..it is absolutely not for just a normal horror junkie who’s into zombies or vampires. It is horror on a completely different level.

    If you are into the Illuminati & understand the symbology in it as well as testimonies from people involved in MK Ultra such as Brice Taylor & Kathy O’Brien- you will understand.

    I don’t care if it is believed or not….for people who are AWAKE to the evil around you’ll know that the Elite make films like this ALL THE TIME. People get mind controlled to do ANYTHING against their will! In some scenes they show a Masonic floor & the stuffed rabbit toys represents “going down the rabbit hole.” Alice from Alice in Wonderland is a mind program used. Going down the rabbit hole is entering the darkness that all this movie represents.

    It’s sick & twisted, but most importantly it is based on true facts. Don’t believe me….look these things up. It’s fucked up & people are victims of it.

  12. Well I watched A Serbian Film based on your recommendation to not watch it. Of course. Well I gotta say that I thought the acting was really well done for a movie like this, and the people that say it was made just for shock value have apparently never seen any of the later Saw installments, or any of the Hostels. The movie had a legitimate plot, you cared about the characters, which made the gore scenes that much more offensive. Now on to Irreversible….in my opinion a shitty movie. The camera work made me sicker than the face-smashing and the rape scene. God it was awful. Ugh. But to each their own. Anyway thank you for this list, you made my day yesterday a truly interesting one! Make more! 🙂

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  14. These all sound really Interesting I am just the right amount of warped to enjoy all these movies hahaha

  15. I thank god I found this list! All this time I’ve thought the best disturbing movie was Human Centipede, which isn’t that bad until 2nd sequence, but I have watch The Woman, which was very good, I love gore, and I’m very happy with the ending, which most scary movies do not supply. I’m also now in the Hostel series.
    I really enjoyed this, mostly because instead of naming movies like Teeth or something, you named movies that are really disturbing, yet in a sense enjoyable.
    Also you saved me from the movie Happiness with my family, because my father thought the name ment it was good. ._.
    Thanks again for your good taste!

  16. I’ve seen most of them, and I’m not that shocked. Only Martyrs really got me. IMDB says Happiness is a ‘Comedy, Drama’ movie. So I’m not going to watch that one.

  17. Oh yeah and give these a try: Subconscious Cruelty. Slaughtered vomit dolls. reGOREgicated sacrifice. The first two (out of seven) Guinee Pig movies. Cannibal Holocaust. These were actually a lot more gory than A Serbian Film/Srpski Film. Subconscious Cruelty is really really interesting, give it a try.

  18. François Piccoli

    Hi, I’ve watched all of the movies mentioned and must say that the only that really really shocked me was “Megan is missing”. Only two things didn’t seem realistic to me: is it normal 13-14 year old kids can go out all night coming home totally drunk and stoned? Do American parents allow that? I simply can’t believe this is the way it goes in real life. I also find it weird the police only starts investigating the chatroom possibility after a witness tells them about it. I thought every move we make on the net is being tracked and the first thing they would do after a teenager disappearing is find out what her internet behavior was like and with whom he used to chat etc. . Besides that: this is actually the only film I’ve regret watching.
    A Serbian film: grotesque, bad special effects (the new born porn scene doesn’t look realistic at all, unless raping a plastic baby offends you. Besides, it’s only shot from the back of the rapist, so all you see is an actor holding a plastic doll in his arms while you hear the sound of a real baby crying). The fake erected penis of the main actor is also hilarious. It’s actually true this is not an art-movie (like some try to defend it) but just a attempt to make the most shocking and disturbing movie ever. I’m afraid they’ve tried to hard.
    Irreversible: Very well acted movie, disgusting raunchy atmosphere, but a also a bit boring. The two shocking scenes in the movie however are very adequate, and especially the coldness and lack of emotion that’s in it is shocking. Just as in Megan Is Missing you feel bad watching it; you’d want to help them or call the police. But again, after watching this movie i just went on with my daily life (which is not chopping up people:)).
    Martyrs: Very well made, good story, but too much blood (at a certain point you’ve really had enough…) to remain shocking- you do get used to it, and besides: the skinning alive you mention happens off screen (luckily). You only see its result (but that has been shown before, even in 80’s movies like “Hellraiser”). It does have a very surprising and original ending. Actually I’m very glad I saw this movie.
    Cannibal Holocaust: real animal cruelty shouldn’t be in a “main stream” movie. The rest if the cruelty (special fx) look so outdated it didn’t really shock me. Note: I’ve also seen a book about “The making of Cannibal Holocaust” in which all of the shock effect secrets were revealed and once you know how they did it, all of the gore is gone.
    Sàlo: Same as in A Serbian Film, so called political statement as an excuse to show all kinds of cruelties and perversities. Very bad special effects, very bad acting by “the victims” (who were literally picked from the streets) and no plot whatsoever. They get kidnapped, raped, get forced to eat shit and die. By the way: I thought the “shit eating” was going to be impossible to watch, but it actually really looked like chocolate mousse (which it was of course). And the acting of those forced to eat it was so bad I couldn’t believe it at any point. To my opinion the director Pier Paolo Pasolini was just one sick perverted pedophile who used an arty excuse to shows as many under aged naked young men doing pedo-erotic acts as possible. And all of that in the name of art…
    Funny Games: Very good film and really disturbing. Especially one of the last scenes in which one of the guys pushes the woman from the boat as if it’s nothing (the other one doesn’t even pay attention). Very good and credible performances. A pity there’s a huge plot hole in the beginning.
    Human Centipede 1 & 2: Not my cup of tea, over the top, boring, bad acting by all “victims”, bad special effects, the sequel also pretends to be “arty”. “Waste” of time.
    Hostel 1 & 2: Well made, fun to watch, but also a bit disturbing because of the knowledge that a certain category of extremely rich people do things “just because they can afford it” (same case in “8mm” with Nicolas Cage). But the films itself are pure Hollywood entertainment.
    Thanks all for your attention.

  19. What about cannibal holocaust? ??? Banned in America for years. Brutal animal killings that were all 100% real. Also pretty decent movie for the era.

  20. I had dinner watching A Serbian film – no problem.
    It has several points where i laughed, and i definitely liked it.

    It shows the grotesque in what entertainment is becomming, and how little we value life today.

    A splendid movie I would recomend my freinds 🙂

  21. In my opinion, I think that Hard Candy would be one that could have made the list. Only because Ellen Page convinces a guy to hang himself, and then manages to successfully confuse Sandra Oh, when it isn’t even raining. Girl’s a good liar.

    Another one, imo, again, could have made the list is Wolf Creek, but, it’s not the actual movie that’s the scary part, its the line before the film even starts, “This is based on a true story” that gets most people. I didn’t find the film that disturbing, but I know people who have. I watched it at 14, and my 24 year old brother cried. He never cries and isn’t easily rattled, but still.

    I watched Srpsky Film/ A Serbian Film without even flinching, on youtube, without an age verification. My only comment was, the blood looks too fake. Its not even scary, its the fact that the director had the mind to come up with something so brutally disturbing that it was banned in many countries around the world.

    Hostel 2, bored me. Didn’t finish it.

    Happiness actually sounds like an interesting one, it’s not classed as a horror film, but it has the audacity to scare someone stupid by triggering a Pandora’s box worth of repressed memories to over 30% of the first world population, and those are just the ones that are alive. I haven’t watched it yet, but I will be, for interests sake.

    Those of you who like old school horror/gore, there are films such as Salem’s Lot, The Crucible and Carrie, that may interest you.

    A few parting words for all of you here, because you deserve them, and are looking for movies to watch, have a look at Smiley, if you like.

    Sincerely, Seventeen.

  22. If you have not watched Pig, you really must. I am positive it will be added to your list of most disturbing movies you have ever watched.

  23. morphine dreams

    Snuff 102. Don’t blame me for your nightmares.

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