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kingdom-hearts-ring-smallWe here at CosWatch are all about bringing the community together.  Unfortunately for us, our resident webmaster, Mr. Joey V decided to just go ahead and get married in August, so updates have been mighty sparse as of late.  But he is back from the Honeymoon and it’s time to get back to work.

Below you will find an interview that we conducted with two of the fine people from the Kingdom Hearts – Ring around the Rosie photoshoot that we award Anime Boston Best Candid Photo.  We would like to thank them for their time in talking with us, and we hope to see more of them at upcoming conventions!

You were a part of the Kingdom Hearts photoshoot that won our Best Candid Photo award.  The biggest question that we have is how did that idea come about?  What made you guys think about doing ring-around-the-rosie?

Meghan: Well to answer you first question, the idea came about from Connecticon 2008. My sister did it there and I just thought of it when we were at anime Boston during the photoshoot. So all credit goes to my sister, Ceal.

You also had a hand in organizing the Kingdom Hearts photoshoot at Anime Boston.  Was it difficult to organize a photoshoot for that many fans?  How did you go about getting everyone there?

Meika: This was actually my first year coming to Anime Boston, so as soon as I got my pre-reg in, I was excited enough to head over to the Convention forums.  For anyone not familiar with how photoshoots are scheduled, it’s all on the forums.  Not everyone who goes to the convention is necessarily on the forums, so the community of cosplayers is smaller, making things that much easier.  I tried my best to get times that worked for a majority of the forum-goers, between other photoshoots and events going on.  It was pretty difficult, we barely got in the Friday and Sunday shoots into the schedule.

As for getting people there, that was very dependent on communicating with people who weren’t necessarily on the forums.  I know I told a whole lot of Keybladers and Organization Members whenever I got the chance.  Passing through the grapevine isn’t exactly the most foolproof way, though.  I ran into a great cosplayer on her way to the Saturday shoot at 1 instead of 11, I felt really bad to break the news to her.  This can be improved to get the maximum number of cosplayers at the photoshoots; they’re one of the best parts of any convention.

What cosplay characters have you done in the past.  What costumes do you really want to do in the future?

Meika: I haven’t really done many yet, my budget is pretty cruel to me.  To date, I’ve done Rukia (Bleach) and a S exy-no-Jutsu Sasuke (Japanese Feudal Princess style, Naruto), as well as Xion (Kingdom Hearts), the cosplay I wore through most of Anime Boston this year.  I’d really like to try Rena (Higurashi no Naku koro ni), Tsubaki, Medusa (both from Soul Eater), and Kallen (Code Geass); but that darn budget.

Instead of my dream cosplays, I’m working on a Halloweentown Xion for now, since that’ll end up much less expensive.  Maybe if I’m lucky I can throw in another suprise cosplay, but who knows.

Meghan: My cosplays in the past consist of

  • Ginger Fitzgerald from Ginger Snaps
  • Deep Dive Riku from Kingdom Hearts 2/Deep Dive
  • Organization XIII Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2 /Deep Dive
  • Riku from Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Kaoru Kamiya from Rurouni Kenshin
  • Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin
  • Hitokiri Battousai from Samurai X
  • Rose Dewitt Bukkatter from Titanic
  • Edward Elric from FMA
  • Human Inuyasha from Inuyasha
  • a horse cosplay I dressed my white horse as a unicorn and Artax from the Neverending story (on hold)

Future cosplays are

  • Laurie Strode from Rob Zombies Halloween (working on now)
  • 2 major costumes that are a surprise next year for anime Boston.
  • Fire (Original costume also working on now)
  • Carrie White from Carrie (bloody prom dress version for this coming Halloween)

What did you think of Anime Boston this year overall?  Did you feel like it was run well, or does it have some areas where it could use improvement?

Meika: Anime Boston was really smooth this year.  I wa s worried with the dreaded stories of the Pre-Reg line that ate hours after hours, but there was literally no line when we arrived.  The fact that we got there at 7PM on Friday night could contribute to that, but that’s beside the point.  There was quite a bit of chaos when it was Masquerade time, it was really confusing trying to find the end of the line, the moving forwards and backwards, I was wondering which side was the front and which side was the back after a while.  But I know the staff did the best they could there, and the fact that the rest of the convention ran so smoothly more than made up for it.  The lines were actually fun, dare I say it.  I got to hang out with some great cosplayers from Sailor Senshis to Shinigami to Domos.  It was a great way to just rant with whoever was standing next to you, or wave from the windows to the normal people who were walking past the Hynes Center.

Meghan: Anime Boston this year was a total blast. however I didn’t like ho w security was bossy. they sometimes need to chill out.

At conventions I mostly just shop and go to the photoshoots. I love getting my picture taken. the amvs and masquerades are totally amazing. no contest on what I love about anime Boston. sometimes I wish there was more old school anime costumes going around. mostly you just see a lot of costumes of recent anime releases. sometimes it gets annoying.

How long have you been going to Anime conventions?  What cons do you find yourself going to over and over again?

Meika: Like I said above, this was my first year at Anime Boston, or any convention large enough to have separate photoshoots for different animes and video games and such.  I can definitely see myself coming back to this one next y ear.  The one other Convention I go to is a much smaller one hosted by a college nearby called Genericon.  For a small convention, it’s apparently pretty big.  Although there’s not nearly as much to do there, it’s like a close community of Otakus.  It’s in January, outside of regular “Con Season”, so it’s a nice break from everyday life and a great warm-up for later months.  I actually met some friends there that I ran into on the T in Boston this year.
The sad part though, is that that’s the only other convention I’ve been to… D’:

Meghan: AB09 is about my 20th con total. I started going in 2004 and I’ve been hooked ever since. my convention schedule is Arisia in Jan, Anime Boston, and Connecticon but Connecticon I am not going to this year. it’s mostly down to 2 cons a year.

What would you like to see more of at conventions?  Any ideas that you have had that you just haven’t seen done at a convention yet?

Meika: Personally, I’d like to see a schedule of photoshoot times and locations given to the con-goers when they register.  It’s all set in stone about a week before the convention itself, and it would let people know exactly when and where their series was meeting.  Relying on others to tell you isn’t always the most accurate, unfortunately.  Plus the schedule would be great for non-cosplayers, the fanbase, and pedo bears to crash the shoots as well, maybe get a picture with their favorite character that they haven’t run into during the convention yet. I know it would’ve been helpful this year; our ring-around-the-rosie could have been much bigger!

Meghan: For conventions, each one I go to is different. at anime Boston, I wish when we are at opening ceremonies, they’ll play the past w inners of amv contests so we can see them again. my idea to going to a con is being someone you are not. you can be a total nerd and no one knows you!!

What would you like to see less of at conventions?  Anything in particular at conventions that you feel like should just be cut from the schedule?

Meika: Being that I’ve only gone to a small convention for a few years, I’m in a “the bigger the better” mindset right now.  I guess some o the panels could have been replaced by great ideas I saw on the forums that didn’t manage to make it to the master schedule on time, but besides that, take nothing away from this great experience, Anime Boston! = DDD

Meghan: At cons to be cut from a schedule, um…..nothing really comes to mind. I enjoy everything that I go to. so no. nothing can get cut. but at Arisia, I wish they’d bring in some actor guests and not the same people o ver and over again. it makes it boring.

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