CASTERS Premiere Review & Erin Gould Interview

Casters is a brand spankin’ new web series written by a very funny man that goes by the name of Erin Gould, who wrote and directed this fantastic (from what I’ve seen so far) series. It follows the lives and behind the scenes drama of the three podcasters Cal (Jason Griffith), Owen (Joshua Tussin), and Ronnie(Miriam Pultro) who run a podcast called “Bring It Up.” This story is going to be told through six 20-24 minute episodes which will be split into two parts. Episode 1.1 has already been released on March 30 and 1.2 is slated to be aired April 13. During the episodes, you will see a podcast happening and believe it or not, this isn’t just for show! Oh no, you will be able to download the full, hour-long podcast on iTunes for a scant $0.99; A small price to pay for an otherwise FREE series.

MC Chops and I had the pleasure of being invited to the red carpet premiere of this show by the lovely Ms. Miriam Pultro and we absolutely had a blast. We made the trek, following very specific directions given to us “take the Q to Ditmars (end of the line), get down on the McDonald’s side and walk 27, 38 if your legs are short, paces to Mojave on your left.” After reading this, I knew we were in for a good time. Somehow, we actually got lost for a few minutes but luckily the restaurant had a nifty, little red carpet outside telling us we were in the right spot. Once inside, we were greeted by the also lovely and friendly Jill Gould who decided we were so awesome that we were allowed to grab swag bags (filled with cereal, eye revitalizing cream, and a cool Casters postcard)! From there we snagged our free drinks and got to catch both halves of episode 1 followed by an interview with mad genius himself and his cast. MC Chops interviews Erin Gould below. Cast interview coming soon!

All in all the show was very good. Episode 1 left me wanting to see more, especially for an answer to the cursed cliffhanger which you will all endure when the second half comes out. It had a perfect balance of funniness, silliness, drama, awkwardness, and brilliance which all comes together in a wonderfully written package. I look forward to listening to the podcasts and seeing the rest of the series as it unfolds, especially since I was promised more geeky references.

If you want to hear more from Erin, check out his Podcast But, I Digress…

Otherwise, keep checking out the CASTERS Website for updates on when the new videos and podcasts are coming out1

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  1. I like how the chosen frame of the video looks like MZ just slugged me.
    Thank you again for the interview, guys.

  2. You mean MZ DIDN’T slug you? Geez news to me!

    Thanks for having us out there Erin, I know that MZ and Yogi had a blast and I’m really jealous I wasn’t there. We’re looking forward to seeing more from the CASTERS group. =)

  3. Thank you for the shout out! I’m “lovely” — I LOVE THAT! Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoyed the Puffins! Thank you for your amazing support of CASTERS!!

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