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Over the last few months we have tried to show you the inner workings of some conventions that are crazy enough to want us to cover their events.  What have we learned?  We have seen that chairmen are decided by gladiator combat, staff don’t choose to be there but are rather bribed and blackmailed, and that being Evil is the only way to go …

At least that is what we learn when we have a sense of humor and we are talking about Anime USA which will once again take Arlington, VA by storm this upcoming November 20 – 22.  As a website, we have gone over some of the basic things that convention goers can expect to see when they arrive, but there is a new event that will be taking place this year that has us and the forums a buzz.  That is of course, the two day Host Club and Maid Cafe that will be operating.

CosWatch staff of course is familiar with the term, and after doing some research, realized that it could be a very successful event at the convention.  Yet how many of our viewers out there know about what’s going on?  Well for those of you who aren’t in the know, the Evil Overlord of AUSA was kind enough to loosen the chains on one of their henchmen and granted us an interview.  Read on below and be sure to check out the event that runs on both Friday and Saturday of the convention!

Anime USA recently announced the inclusion of a Host Club and Maid Cafe.  Can you give us a general overview of what they are and what place they have in Japanese culture?

Maid Cafes and Host Clubs are both fairly new, but both have somehow managed to take Japan by storm. Maid Cafes are predominate in Akihabara, as establishments where patrons can be served by Maids and feel as though he or she is the most important person to his or her nominated Maid. It is this unique atmosphere that has allowed Maid Cafes to quickly become a staple in the Otaku sub-culture.

On the other hand, Host Clubs have become an integral part of the night life in Osaka. For the first time,  women can go out to a club and chose the guy who she wants to spend her time with, drink with and party with. Hosts are young men usually between the ages of 19 – 25, many of them are exceedingly good looking, and have a wide range of talents with which to share with their clients, from stand up comedy, dancing, singing, to playing the piano or guitar.

You have put the call out on the website and in the forums for people to apply for the opportunity to be either a Host or Maid.  How many spots are you looking to fill for both?  If someone is accepted, what kind of work load can they expect over the weekend?

We are looking to accept 10 Hosts, 5 Servers, and 15 Maids.

The work load is fairly light; Maid hours are from 10 – 3, Friday and Saturday only. Host Club hours are a bit longer, from 5 – Midnight, Friday and Saturday as well, with Hosts starting at 5 and Servers starting at 6.

ALL Hosts and Maids are expected to work both days and all hours.

What kind of service can patrons expect during the event?  Are we talking about full meals or smaller snacking food?

We will serve a brunch menu at the Maid Cafe to go along with the early afternoon hours; we will have waffles, omuraisu, and burgers!  And don’t forget we will also have tons of yummy desserts!!!

As for the Host Club, we are planning to serve a nice range of appetizers, finger foods, and desserts, accompanied with an exclusive Host Club Drink Menu.

This event at AUSA is sure to draw a lot of attention.  What kind of precautions and guidelines should both the applicants and the patrons follow to ensure that everything goes smoothly?

……… This will be explained privately in the emails I send to accepted applicants.

::Insert the explosion of a smoke bomb, and a dagger being brought to the neck of the interviewer::

Evil Overlord: I’ve got ninja, I’ve got samurai, and there are even a few pirates hanging around, so everything is going to be just fine. Or Else.

::Without warning, the staff and Evil Overlord are gone::

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