A&G Ohio – Troy Baker Interview

At this point, the staff of CosWatch has been to many conventions throughout the control.  Each convention we go to, we strive to bring you something new and interesting.  We had the great honor of interview Mr. Troy Baker on Day 1 of A&G Ohio and he brought us pure entertainment.  Now, my dear friends, we bring that entertainment to you.

Something that immediately stands about Troy is that he really is a big old geek at heart, just like the rest of us.  So when you see him at a convention, he is having just as much fun as you are watching all the shenanigans that happen.  He is an avid PS3 gamer, loves a fine drink, and is always looking for lovely ladies to sweetly serenade.

What started as a interview trying to know a little bit more about what makes Troy Baker tick, quickly turned into something that we will talk about to our friends for some time.  Enough of me trying to describe just how much fun we had.  Why don’t you hit the play button below and hear for yourself!

Joseph Valenti

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