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If you have seen any of the latest “It Only Does Everything” commercials that the PlayStation 3 have been releasing the past 6 months, then you know who Kevin Butler is.  Personified by being a very funny individual, who is seemingly the Vice President of whatever he wants to be, Kevin Butler has been telling us all about the PS3 console, exclusive PlayStation games, and making us laugh all the while.

This past week at E3, all three major gaming companies (Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony) all gave their yearly press conferences, and attempted to win the hard earned dollars of perspective customers.  Microsoft did so by trying to convince you a hand’s free controller will be worth the large investment.  Nintendo did it by giving us a brand new 3D portable system and trotting out all new games in almost all of their major franchises.  Sony on the other hand, brought out Kevin Butler and told everyone how Sony was the best choice no matter what you were looking for from your gaming console.

You want 3D?  How about motion gaming?  Hot new franchises?  Yeah, they got it all, or so they claim.  When you listen to Kevin Butler tell you about it, you feel compelled to believe every word he has to say.

I could sit here and pontificate on how funny and fantastic Kevin Butler is, but ultimately, I don’t have the vocabulary to pull off such a monumental feat.  So I will do the next best thing … I will show you!

Dead pan delivery like that is why we love Kevin Butler.  Hell I don’t even own a PS3 and I love the man.  He does make you want to go out and support Sony.

Do you want to learn more?  Fantastic!  You can follow Kevin on Twitter, and there is a fantastic blog out there that is compiling all of Kevin’s commercials for you.  In addition, there is Kevin’s E3 presentation below which should have you rolling in the aisles.

Kevin Butler’s Twitter

Kevin Butler’s Commercials
YouTube Page

Kevin Butler’s E3 Speech

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  1. Kevin Butler is a awesome-coated awesomeness with awesome-filling.

  2. Hahahaha, it’s so good! I love the “your mom can make ‘your mom’ jokes after schooling you in table tennis”.

  3. Thanks for comment guys, we really appreciate it and hope you will keep coming to the site!

    I would have to say that favorites would be the Grandma and the Candle commercials. They are fantastic.

  4. lol, I run the popular KB fan page on facebook. Gained well over a thousand fans since Sony’s press conference (link is in my name)

  5. lol i dnt even know what twitter is but i joined it jst to follow kevin lol

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