G33K of the W33K – Isaiah Mustafa

Wait a minute the Old Spice commercial guy?

Yes!  Our answer would have to be yes!

Isaiah Mustafa is indeed the actor who has been entertaining television audiences and convincing them that while you can’t look as good as him, you can smell like him with Old Spice.

While those commercials are extremely entertaining, that doesn’t necessarily make him a grand representative of the geek community.  So what qualifies Isaiah to be this week’s G33K of the W33K?

Well as I flipped channels yesterday, I saw that Isaiah was on Attack of the Show on G4 TV.  Well that’s a good indication that he has some geek cred, but also he wanted to start a new petition that I feel like is a viable quest.

Isaiah is a huge comic book junkie as he told us, and he has one request for what he would want to do for one of his upcoming acting gigs.  Namely, he wants to play Luke Cage in a movie.  Seriously … that is brilliant.  I mean just look at the similarities!

I honestly like the idea!

So while we can’t look like Isaiah Mustafa, we here at g33kWatch are pleased to be able to make him our G33K of the W33K!  Be sure to get on Twitter, follow him @isaiahmustafa and trend the topic of #isaiahmustafa4lukecage.  Also, enjoy his Old Spice Commercials below.  Congrats Isaiah!


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