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In our never ending quest to bring our faithful viewers new and geeky things to check out, we here at g33kWatch are constantly searching the internet for weird, wild stuff!

In this, our second week of our G33K of the W33K spotlight, we are very happy to present to you Dudesong: a retelling of the movie The Big Lebowski done in the style of an epic poem.

Yup, I’m really serious.  The amount of awesome that Dudesong contains is almost unfathomable.  I will attempt to describe to you how this came into existence without gushing too much.  I assure you, this will be a very difficult task.

Dudesong is the creation of actor and writer Phil Wells from Bergen County, New Jersey.  Phil explains on his website that he started writing Dudesong while he was working as a lobby attendant in New York City.  What started off as a simple hobby and way to pass the time though, turned into something much more.  After more than year of working on the epic poem, Phil ended up with 231 pages, and more than 5200 lines of rhyming couplets in complete iambic pentameter.

I could of course sit here and talk more about why Dudesong is so great, but I think it might be more effective to let you read a small snippet of the epic poem about Nihilists, Walter and of course, The Dude.

Take heed before our minstrels start to play;
Some thoughts about the city of L.A.
The angels, this metropolis their home,
Kick tumbleweeds around the streets they roam.
From far across the desert sweaty slog
They trudge and bear across their backs the smog.
The stars above in absence dim the mood
Of all th’angelic stars in Hollywood;
Their lack reflects th’ambitions of our Dude.
Alas this cowboy finds himself ahead
Of this here story’s glorious nar’tive thread.
“The Dude” was not thus by his parents called,
But “Jeff Lebowski” was they name they ‘nstalled.
And this Lebowski, with peculiar taste,
Discarded “Jeff” and left “Dude” in its place.
You mustn’t ask this cowboy why he’d switch
Aside to say it keeps my stories rich.
The Dude, this city, both to me so strange,
Afford this poem a home out on the range.
Before 2000 turned our hard drives back,
And Bush the Senior clobbered through Iraq
(And then his son decided to go back),
The Dude was set upon by happenstance,
And found himself a hurricane by chance.
And if the Fates had luck enough to lend,
They bet The Dude he’d live to see the end.
Be stupefied as I begin to tell
Just how The Dude precipitously fell
And played the hero climbin’ outta Hell.
The only thing that makes a hero great
Is how he plays the hand he’s dealt by Fate.
The Dude, it seemed, fit right into his time;
Los Angeles in decade number nine.
His laziness was not a factor when
The open door of life let chaos in.
When duty calls sometimes there is a man,
And ’twas The Dude who had become this man…
Aw Hell. I rambled on for much too long.
This introduction’s over; here’s the song.

Pretty cool eh?  And that’s just the beginning!  Please do yourself a favor and go check out the full 231 page PDF at the official Dudesong website, or follow them on Twitter where you get a new couplet every few hours.

Also we are pleased to say that we are going to have Dudesong’s creator Phil Wells on the very next g33kWatch podcast that is being taped this weekend.  He will be on to talk about how he got inspiration to start this project, and what his favorite part to write was.

Dudesong Official Site

Dudesong Twitter

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