Zenkaikon Interview – Uncle Yo

YoWebDescribed as a geek-specific Otaku Renaissance man comedian, Uncle Yo has taken the convention circuit by storm over the last three years.  Whether he is hosting a panel on how to survive attack by Mechas, or being the MC of a Cosplay Masquerade, Uncle Yo has managed to keep us laughing through it all.

Wait … you mean you don’t know who Uncle Yo is?  How is that possible?!  Well nevermind that now, we here at CosWatch are going to try and remedy that as quickly as we can.  Please refer to the interview that we have done below and please make sure that you take notes.  Yes there is going to be a test … no I don’t need to tell you when that test is.  You know what?  Just listen to the interview now or you’ll be sorry.  Don’t make me sick the AUSA Evil Overlord on you!

For even more information on Uncle Yo, visit his website at http://www.uncleyo.com/

Please note, there is some strong language in this interview.  Viewer discretion is advised

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