Zenkaikon Interview – Gamer Girl X Cosplay

Tora-Con CosplayersWhen going to a convention, one of the main attractions that most con goers will notice is the level of Cosplay that is present.  All conventions like to create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable dressing up like their very favorite characters.  Zenkaikon was no different, and thankfully for this con, they had the very talented Darlene aka GamerGirlX running all of the Cosplay events at this year’s event.

We here at CosWatch though absolutely wanted to get her thoughts on how the convention went, and how much effort and work that she had put in throughout the weekend.  We would like to thank Darlene for giving us her time and are looking to her next convention, whether she is in charge or just cosplaying!

Please note, there is some strong language in this interview.  Viewer discretion is advised

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