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edenstarWe here at CosWatch, are very proud of the fact that we are from the great state of New Jersey.  One thing that you should know about residents of our state, is that we all stick together when outside of our state.  So when our staff met up with the amazingly, cool members of Eden Star from Central New Jersey, we just knew immediately that we would get along.

Adding to the New Jersey companionship though, was the great love and respect that Dro and Joey V have for music.  They are always talking about music, and speaking with people that share that same musical passion.  You can see where I’m going with this … Eden Star and CosWatch get along great and we really can’t say enough great things about them.

Punk, rockabilly, metal, hard rock, and even some classic rock thrown in for good measure.  These are just some of the terms that you can use to describe the sound that you will hear when you listen to Eden Star.  In this interview, CosWatch talk about how the band got together, what they think about Anime Conventions, and some of their musical influences.

We strongly suggest you go check out their site and really give their music a good listen.  We think you will enjoy what you hear!


Please note, there is some strong language in this interview.  Viewer discretion is advised

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