NY Comic Con 2013 – Day 1 Recap

Thursday attendence seemed to be up, but still comfortableNew York Comic Con 2013 officially opened today and here is my overall recap for Day 1. There’s no specific format for this I’ll just write out thoughts on tonight and add some pics I took.

– For the first time ever there were single ticket Thursday attendees and there were new RFID enabled badges to contend with. The show felt much more crowded Thursday night than in previous years but it still felt comfortable to get around. I must admit I was presently surprised about the fact that the “tap-in”, “tap-out” system worked so well. I worry about the rest of the weekend when the system will be strained but so far so good.

– A note on badge registration. If you choose to do the badge registration please note that if you do it automatically with Facebook or Twitter you might find that you’re tweeting things from NY Comic Con all weekend. You can turn it on/off in the registration system and you can also do the registration manually like I did. I will do my best to reach out to NY Comic Con and learn about the recovery system for new badges. If I hear back or I’m able to talk about it with con staff I’ll bring it to you. If you attend and have issues with the RFID system or recovering a stolen/damaged badge please feel free to let us know here.

Cosplayers still impress on Thursday Night– I tend to travel the floor with a smattering of cosplayers and yes the photo domino effect took place but I anticipate that it will be more extreme over the next two days. If you want to attend one of the biggest cons on the planet but avoid the insane weekend crowds you might consider in the future attending Thursday evening. If NY Comic Con keeps the numbers to the level they did tonight, which means they get to use Thursdays as their “soft-opening” it will be a more stress free day for those who are uncomfortable with large crowds.

– I attended the world premiere of Necessary Evil a new documentary by WB Home Entertainment focused on the DC villains. I wrote a review that should be posted soon if not up already.

– I experienced my first scheduling issue. Many more panels this year than in the past are stacked together and Necessary Evil ran a little long costing me the ability to attend the Pilot screening panel. Since Almost Human was my major focus in that panel I took up the rest of that time to walk the show floor.

– I attended the Marvel Booth Giveaway and for the first time ever was actually given a piece of swag. I promptly gave that piece away but it was nice to have something actually given to me. The reason I got the piece was for being one of the few, if not the only person, to know who Dwayne McDuffie was. That kind of made be sad. He was an exceptional comic book writer, and a personal hero. I met him within a week of his passing away and I am proud I got to talk to him about Static Shock and shook his hand.

– I saw some cool collectibles but I also saw some some uncool collectible behavior. First, I saw a man with no less than 10 exclusive dolls to be sold online later. I also was attempting to take a picture of the awesome Castle Greyskull He-Man toy but found out that at least one of the new figures displayed on the castle was stolen. I know that leaving toys out to play with at NY Comic Con might make someone say it should be expected to be stolen … I still consider that a foul.

– Saiyan Scouters … I didn’t get a picture of one yet but I saw them everywhere. Also, apparently the line for them was incredibly long.

– If you want a Rocket Raccoon Plush from the Marvel booth you’ll probably have to wait in a two hour line. That or really really really impress the guy at the Marvel Giveaway event. It might be better tomorrow but people waited a really long time to get them.

The lovely Vonka Romanov as Black Widow in front of Lola– Lola, Agent Coulson’s car from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is in the Marvel booth. Do NOT TOUCH LOLA! Seriously, there’s a guy on duty to keep you from doing so.

– There is a booth where you can get a photo taken in a car modded for Zombie Killing. I wouldn’t recommend putting in your Facebook on a public iPad though to retrieve the picture they take of you. I’d suggest just emailing it to yourself. Also, it makes the retrieval go much faster.

Day 2 is going to be a but busier but I’ll attempt to see quite a few cool panels, The Legend of Korra, Welcome to Nightvale, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds, and fingers crossed Old Boy are all on the docket. If I can manage it there will also be some Bob’s Burgers action but that’s the wishlist.

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