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Hello g33ks and m33ks and any other genius billionaire playboy philanthropists besides myself. I sat through Nikita (A chore), Ghost Rider 2 (mostly a chore) and The Walking Dead (not a chore at all) to get a look at the newest top secret footage from The Avengers. We have all seen the trailer that Marvel Studios released and had nerdom salivating for the film’s release next May. The Panel had quite an act to follow and with only four days to go they put a call in to Joss Whedon to put together something to have the New York Comic Con audience buzzing for the rest of the weekend.

Attending this panel were Chris Evans (Captain America), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson), Cobie Smulders (Agent Hill) and in a welcome surprise… Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk). By doing this they were able to introduce the two members of the main cast who have yet to appear in the Marvel Universe (Smulders and Ruffalo) but they also were able to diffuse the issue with replacing Edward Norton; who brought The Incredible Hulk back from the maligned Eric Bana version. Norton was personally passionate about The Hulk so when Marvel fired him in exchange for Ruffalo a lot of fans were ready to revolt. This was the second change fans of the new Marvel Films Universe were going to be asked to swallow, the first was recasting Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle as Jim Rhodes in Iron Man. So when Ruffalo sat down, moderator, Chris Hardwick gave him an opportunity to address the controversy and Ruffalo said he is basing his performance on all the previous Hulks (Bill Bixby, Eric Bana and Ed Norton) he also said that he talked to Ed and was given the blessing. Apparently, Norton likened The Hulk to this generation’s Hamlet all mid thirties actors would get a shot at playing him. This brought the audience onside and let everyone just sit back and enjoy the panel.

The footage they showed was specially chosen for NYCC by Joss Whedon and it was the introduction of Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in the film. This sequence was very cool but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear my thoughts on it.

The major information that should be noted is Whedon is hard at work in the editing room right now. He is doing everything he can to make sure that all of the heroes are treated well and no one is being relegated to B-level. Ruffalo is basing his work on what the other actors before him have done but he also had to, “Ruffalize it!”. Clark Gregg initially had a single line in Iron Man. Then Jon Favreau brought him back day after day because he loved the dry delivery he gave to the part. He also said one of the best things in his life was when Favreau said to him about a last minute scene in Iron Man 2. “Hey you’ve gotta do this line about going to New Mexico.” When he asked why he was told, “Oh you’re in Thor now.” Cobie Smulders feels like she got the best costume break of any woman in a superhero flick because she’s a SHIELD agent so all she’s wearing is a suit. She would look at Scarlet Johannson or even Tom Hiddleston and thank her lucky stars. Chris Evans doesn’t want to keep being asked to choose between his favorite superhero he’s played, The Human Torch and Captain America both mean a lot to him and he loves being them both. Tom Hiddleston is a rock star. Nerd girls melt into puddles with every syllable that emerges from his mouth. He thinks its awesome that he’s the Main Villain of The Avengers because he’s taking on the best team of superheros ever put on film.

Everyone who left the theatre was AMPED to see this film. Do I know 100% if it’ll be a perfect film? No. Am I certain that they put this thing in the right hands? Absolutely. If they are going to pull off this dream team film its because they went with the best director and actors they could.

– Mr. Khon

——- Spoiler ——-

Okay so I was just kidding earlier about not describing the scene they showed. I just didn’t want to put it in the center of the article.

——- Start Spoiler ——-

Avengers Footage Description

A little Girl in a South American country runs up the stairs of a house. At the top of the steps she tells the Woman of the house that her parents are sick and she needs help. The Woman tells her to leave or she’ll catch the illness, herself. In front of the Woman are people suffering with a very bad flu like illness. She begs and a Man steps forward. That Man is Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) he asks the Girl if they are the same as the patients in front of him and she says yes.

Bruce runs after the Girl following her into her home. She opens the door and runs inside, just as he steps in she slides out the window and runs away. Bruce realizes that he’s been set up and out steps Natasha Romanov (Scarlet Johannson). She tells Bruce that Nick Fury wants him to come back home and work with SHIELD. He asks if they’re alone and she says yes. He then asks how they found him and she says they never lost him, but since he’s been under control for two years they decided to leave him alone. They need him now because they’re looking for items with a specific gamma radiation signature and there’s no better gamma scientist on Earth than Bruce Banner.

He says no, she says he’s not allowed to refuse. He asks, “What if the other guy says no?” Then pretends to lunge at her. Natasha jumps back and pulls a gun aimed directly at his face. Bruce backs down impressed and says to keep her from shooting him and having his friend make a big mess, he’ll just go with her. Natasha touches her hidden radio communicator and says “Stand Down.” An outside shot reveals a huge SHIELD swat team about to assault the building, they all stop at the same moment.

Bruce looks at her and says, “Alone, huh?”. Natasha looks at him and smirks.

Then they showed a second smaller trailer voiced over by Tony Stark and Loki. Tony says to Loki over footage of each hero, (This portion is paraphrasing so you get the idea) “You’re fighting an assassin (Black Widow), a demi-god (Thor), a living legend (Captain America) and myself, (Iron Man).” Loki says “Yes, that’s the best you’ve got.” Tony smirks at him and says, “We’ve also got Hulk”. The trailer ends with Bruce transforming into the Hulk and smashing everything.

So that is more or less the footage, with an approximation of the quotes. I tried to quote as closely as possible. Its not good enough to just read it, whenever they do release this footage there will be much g33king out and with good reason.

——- End Spoiler ——-

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  1. The Hiddleston lovefest was kind of getting on my nerves a little. Chris Hardwick played it off pretty well, but I wanted to hear more from the other guys. Also, Clark Gregg with his best text ever story cracked me up. “Assemble!”

    Totally worth napping through the Nikita panel.

  2. Chris Evans seemed to be a little tired and more than willing to pull his cap down and let Tom handle all the love. The Nikita panel’s fan question session was wholly more maddening though. You’d think by the fifth time he said, “No”. The Nikitia fans would have stopped asking Shane West to take off his shirt. I WISH I’d been able to nap through it.

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