New York Comic Con 2012 – Day 3 Recap

Day 3 of New York Comic ConHello g33ks, m33ks, and anyone else who stayed up until dawn last night. On Day 3 of NYCC it was all about me camping out in the IGN theatre to get the best/latest/first information on upcoming films and TV Shows. In the course of my day I saw Haven, The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, The Conjuring, The Bay, Beautiful Creatures, Carrie, Evil Dead, The Walking Dead and The Firefly 10 Year Reunion Special. Again when you listen to the podcast I’m sure I’ll detail out all of the events I experienced more in person. That said I wanted to jot down some thoughts and highlights from my Day 3.


I am not a fan of this show. Not because I don’t like it. I’ve just never watched it. I entered the theatre in hopes of getting into the theatre in time for the next panel. That said it was basically the entire cast and crew of the show, joking around and really having fun with their fans. The major highlight of this panel was a ‘documentary’ for their haunted house episode. Jason Priestly of 90210 fame is directing their Halloween episode this year and chose a very difficult house to shoot in for the cast and crew. Things are further complicated when a local amateur “ghost hunter” tells them their location is haunted. He warns them of the dangers and side effects of working in those conditions. Slowly, this fun and happy crew begins to believe, wear down and hate the house. Some even decide to use the cleansing spells given to them by the ghost hunter for their protection. They finished their two week slog through filming this episode and you can visibly see the relief on the part of the cast and crew. They celebrate by exploding pyrotechnics and “blowing up” the house.

The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2

This panel was fantastic. They showed several sequences from the film and Executive Producer Bruce Timm and Voice Director Andrea Romano answered A TON of questions.

  • Batman The Dark Knight Returns - Part 2Peter Weller (Batman) and Michael Emerson (Joker) were selected because of a mandate to not use anyone they’ve used before.
  • Conan O’Brien does a cameo in the film.
  • Maria Canals-Barrera was the only starring returning voice actor and only because her past experience as Hawk Girl was so different from Commissioner Yindel.
  • Bruce Timm asked the composer to change the traditional bombastic orchestral sound for Batman so Christopher Drake composed some synthesized music to represent Batman. As a rule Christopher only used synthesizers available in the 80’s nothing modern.
  • Drake does use the traditional orchestra to represent Superman during his appearances in the film.
  • There was a discussion about changes from the comic. ie Jim Gordon’s cigars being changed for nicotine patches. Bruce Timm explained that the use of tobacco in cartoons = instant R-rating but near nudity does not. So for anyone wondering if Bruno the nearly topless character from the comics appears in this film that was Bruce Timm’s answer.
  • Andrea Romano said the crowd scenes with the Sons of Batman were recorded over 3 weeks with people in the sound booth in groups of 5.
  • Peter Weller was so excited to be cast as Batman he showed up a full week early to record his sessions.
  • Andrea and Michael Emerson used a video Skype hook up because they couldn’t be in the same city at the same time but they felt they needed to see each other to build the best Joker performance.
  • WB Home Video has just finished up work on a Lego Batman movie. They showed the trailer for this upcoming film and it was HILARIOUS. They all said it was one of the most fun things they’d worked on in a while.

The Conjuring

Directed by James Wan (Saw, Insidious) Staring Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston, Lily Taylor and Vera Farmiga is a biopic of Ed and Lorraine Warren who are basically the ‘original ghost hunters’ according to James Wan.

  • The ConjuringPatrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga portray the Warrens. Ron Livingston and Lily Taylor portray the Perrons, (the parents of the family that lived in the house in the 70’s).
  • This is the second most famous Warren case after, The Amityville Horror.
  • Patrick Wilson actually visited The Warren House and went into the room where they kept the artifacts they collected from their investigations.
  • The kids on set actually kept the cast and crew’s spirits up during a very dark shoot.
  • The film isn’t just a 70’s period horror film, James Wan attempted to make the film like a 70’s horror film would have been made.
  • At least two members of the audience claimed to have been involved in the actual case: one was a next door neighbor of the Perron family and one was one of the local college students infatuated with the story who contacted the Perrons and the Warrens. She claimed to be the person who actually physically called the Warrens in.

The Bay

The BayAcademy Award winning director Barry Levinson takes on the found footage horror genre with an ambitious multi-narrative tale about a plague killing the residents of a Maryland town.

  • Barry decided to make this film when he was asked to do a documentary about the fact that Baltimore Harbor is essentially 85% dead. He then sat down and decided to use that as a basis for a fictional film with a found footage/psuedo documentary feel.
  • They started with 100 different cameras and whittled it down to about 21. Everything from iPhones to Canon 5D Mark IIs were used. With the 5D being the most advanced.
  • The film is framed as an expose documentary made by someone who received leaked footage that was suppressed by the government.
  • Barry was so impressed with one scene a young woman did where she had to film herself on an iPhone that he kept adding her into the movie whenever he could.

Beautiful Creatures

Beautfiul CreaturesA Twilight like story about a family of witches. The young woman in the family is 15 y/o and meets a mortal boy. In 75 days she’ll turn 16 and on that night her powers (she’s an elemental witch) will be claimed by either the light or the dark. She falls in love with the mortal boy and introduces him to the world of ‘Conjurers’.

  • She makes certain to introduce him to her seductive temptress member of the dark cousin.
  • Her cousin ran away on her 16th birthday to try and escape but was claimed by the dark anyway.
  • Interesting story with practical effects but it looks like a Twilight movie.
  • The audience was pretty dead with the exception of anything said or done by Emmy Rossum (Phantom of the Opera, Shameless).
  • The absolute worst panel of the day.


Remake of the 70’s classic horror film, Starring Julianne Moore and Chloe Moretz

  • CarrieFeatured some of the worst fan questions of the day.
  • Trailer was moderately disappointing because it was simply a teaser.
  • We got a few images of Moretz as Carrie and the scope of the film but I was moderately disappointed in what they brought.
  • I think the remake will be fine but there’s not a ton to say as they were answering questions about the quantities of fake blood in the entire flick (1000s of gallons) or the guy who might be a Kick – Ass 2 extra asking Chloe if he can talk to her after the panel so they can hang out in London.
  • You can call Carrie’s house and have a conversation with whoever answers the phone. The number is 207-404-2604
  • Social networking will play a large part in the bullying storyline.
  • They followed the book past the prom sequence more than the original Brian De Palma film.
  • They were able to do more than De Palma because of modern special effects so they raised the bar as much as possible.

Evil Dead

Remake of the 1981 classic schlock fest of the same name.

  • Bruce Campbell at the Evil Dead PanelBruce Campbell was basically Elvis for this entire panel. There were crying, screaming, near fainting fans throughout the panel.
  • “C’mon I put my pants on one leg at a time!” – Bruce Campbell in addressing the above reaction.
  • Bruce said that he will personally accept the apologies of every single person that went online and said something derogatory about the remake.
  • The much maligned fact that the film will have a female protagonist was explained by Bruce as 1) The original Book of the Dead short film they made to fund the original Evil Dead project had a female protagonist. 2) Its nice to change things up so people can separate it from the original. 3) Its more traditional to have a female horror protagonist.
  • Bruce Campbell said he read a lot of the disdainful remarks people posted online. He gets that everyone is afraid this film is a cash grab. He promises it will be worthwhile.
  • The trailer for this film is one of the best things anyone showed during Comic Con the entire weekend. It got a full standing ovation. It’s tone is dark and serious. It does not seem to be schlocky at all.
  • Bruce paid money out of his own pocket to a fan who mentioned his work on Burn Notice and that she’s been a fan of all of his work since Evil Dead. (He also kissed her on the hand when she came to accept it) The reaction was so impressive that Jane Levy filmed it on her iPhone saying, “I’ve got to film this I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life.”
  • One fan asked about Diablo Cody’s involvement Fede Alvarez the director said English isn’t his first language so he wanted someone to tweak dialogue for him. Bruce added, “Oh and hey, she won and Academy Award!”
  • It was a highly entertaining panel, similar more to a revival meeting or a political campaign stop than a media event.

The Walking Dead

You’ll have seen the season premiere by the time this get’s posted but they showed the opening segment of the season premiere and the fan reaction was AMAZING! Every zombie kill was met with huge applause as was the appearance of of every character in the group. Even Carl was given massive respect.

  • The Walking DeadAndrew Lincoln said he made the mistake of asking the writers, “what’s rick’s breaking point?”.
  • Chandler Riggs hates the “Where’s Carl?” meme, even though he has a “Where’s Carl?” t-shirt and has worn it in the past. (This was all tongue in cheek)
  • Danai Gurira loves playing Michonne because she considers her more than a survivor, she’s a THRIVER. She has found the perfect weapon, created her own early warning and defense system with ‘the pets’, and she’s made it quite a long way on her own.
  • David Morrisey thinks The Governor is not a bad guy. He’s intense, he’s got rules but he has created a totally safe zone in Woodbury. All of this said with a smirk but I like it. He thinks he’s the good guy of the story and that’s what this character needs to think to be as iconic as he was in the comic books.
  • Gale Anne Hurd, producer, just received a star on the Walk of Fame.
  • Greg Nicotero won an emmy for his short films from in between the seasons.
  • Robert Kirkman dispelled the idea that a major death from the comics would occur this season, next season or ever at all.
  • Norman Reedus had the audience sing his son, “Happy Birthday”.
  • Michael Rooker played the heavy the entire time on stage but was one of the cast who needed to be removed from the stage at the end of the panel to stop signing autographs.
  • The entire cast signed as much as they physically could without being dragged off by security. The crush of fans rushing the stage was one of the most intense things I’ve ever experienced at Comic Con.

Firefly 10th Anniversary

Jewel Staite and Sean Maher came out to be on the panel and were joined on the phone by Nathan Fillion. Until Nathan’s phone gave out and he came out to the stage, causing the floor to physically shake from the audience reaction. (I’m proud of myself for calling his appearance as I snuck up to the stage to catch pictures before anyone else did so I was actually able to capture some of that moment.)

  • Cheers to the Firefly reunion!The group discussed the fact that they can’t believe its been 10 years.
  • The moderator focused on the cancellation and how it made all of them feel. They told everyone about how they never saw Joss Whedon mad but he was FURIOUS the day the news came down. Nathan still isn’t over it, he said that he posted on a message board at the time that if anyone was upset don’t say it to him, just nod in his direction when you see him and say, “Captain.” and he’ll know. He says he still gets that nod a couple of times a month. Jewel and Sean teared up when discussing it.
  • Nathan took a photograph for a cancer survivor whose birthday was the day of the panel but he was too sick to attend. His friend made a sign for Nathan to hold that said happy birthday.
  • When asked about doing more episodes of something in the Firefly universe, and Kickstarter options, Nathan said he doesn’t know the legality but in his mind the answer is Firefly: The Animated Series. Everyone could make a booth in their homes and send in their dialouge to not interfere with their personal projects.
  • A little girl dressed up as Kaylee from the pilot episode when she busks for passengers on the ship. The girl had the hair buns and the parasol. Jewel invited her on stage and posed for pictures with her and gave the girl a big hug, the little girl broke down crying.
  • Jewel told stories about how her Shindig dress was fun for the first 6 hours then she had to pee. Morena Baccarin was in that stall with her holding up the dress to keep it clean.
  • Nathan and Sean were asked about Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing. Sean informed anyone who didn’t know that it was picked up by Lion’s Gate. So we’ll get to see it soon.
  • The Science Channel’s Firefly Reunion special airs 11.11.12

This was a LONG Day and it was only just beginning, as I still had to produce the show for Zenescope Entertainment at Times Scare that night. I was unable to attend Day 4 of the convention b/c I did not get to sleep until dawn. That said, if you’re a media fanboy like me it was an incredible day. (C’mon, I was close enough to the stage that I said hello to Robert Kirkman, Norman Reedus, Andrea Romano, Emmy Rossum, Sean Maher, Jewel Staite and Nathan Fillion.) I’ll have more details on the podcast. Little nuances or personal thoughts. I’ll talk about the show floor, show off some cool collectibles and discuss the whole crazy fever dream that is NYCC.

Thanks for reading and Keep Watching the Skies,

– Mr. Khon

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  1. I totally agree with you on Beautiful Creatures. The panel was terrible. I thought it might be mostly because it’s just not my cup of tea, but now I feel validated. There was that one guy who kept calling the actresses either by the names of characters or the completely wrong names.

    Bruce Campbell was great, and I’m glad they brought some solid footage. I was skeptical, but it looks like it’s going to be pretty good.

    I love love love the camaraderie of the Walking Dead cast. They’re always so fantastic together, and as much as Carl gets on my nerves in S1&2, Chandler Riggs is one of the most well-spoken kids I’ve ever seen.

    I had a feeling Fillion was actually going to show, but it didn’t mitigate my absolute fangirl squeeing. 😛

    I got some pretty good pics, for anyone who’s not my Facebook friend…

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