New York Comic Con 2012 – Day 2 Recap

The girls of Ink & Paint Burlesque posing with LEGO HulkHello g33ks, m33ks, and anyone who has the energy to continue to attend events the scope of NYCC four full days in a row. I spent Friday at NYCC attending several panels and I’ll share with you some of the highlights. Day 3 is scheduled to be one of the busiest of my convention weekend. I tried to go for several quality events on Friday instead of running around trying to attend everything. On the overall the convention was full of kind patient people.  At NYCC you need to spend your time and energy wisely. You need to prioritize. You need to be willing to share your space. If you do that and conserve your time well, you’ll get to see any number of great things, buy limited edition collectibles and attend once in a lifetime events.

Grant Morrison Spotlight

Grant MorrisonI have to admit something. I don’t love Grant Morrison. Its not because I don’t like him. Its not even that his work isn’t of a high quality. Its because he cannot be trusted. I love some of the things he writes, i.e. All-Star Superman, and then sometimes we get Batman RIP. That said he is an entertaining, quit witted, informative, thought provoking and downright curious speaker. He has this air to him of pure confidence, but also a sense of enlightenment that seems to be accompanied by an awesome madness. His knowledge of the world of comics is impressive. It is deep and if you ask him he’ll give you his opinion of the current Avengers vs Xmen arc, his thoughts on parallel universes and string theory, why Animal Man shouldn’t be Swamp Thing, or even what to do when you inadvertently summon a demon during a conjuring session. It was unbelievably refreshing to see a man achieve the level of Knighthood because of his abilities to write stories, and generally those encompassing the worlds of superheroes. I just wish that he’d make different choices with some of his story arcs. Especially, when it comes to “killing” Batman.

  • He has been working on a title called Multiversity for the last 6 years and now has it in the launch cycle. The title deals with multiple universes where things like a Superman that’s an anthropomorphic raccoon would exist. This caused him to ponder a superman as tree universe. This caused him to consider a world of Ent-like (the tree men from Lord of the Rings) beings in which Superman also exists. He then borrowed a piece of paper to write down that he needs to do something on “Ents in flats, excuse me I mean Ents in Apartments.”
  • Cyclops as Dark Phoenix was not a favorite of Grant.  BTW spoilersHe is not a fan of Cyclops becoming Dark Phoenix. He said, “That’s not my Scott.”
  • According to Grant one of the best ways to capture a demon is with logic. So trap it with a triangle and you can banish it back into the chaotic realm it calls home. (This isn’t in reference to any particular piece he was writing. This is his personal advice to anyone who studies the black arts.)
  • Grant has written something in the neighborhood of 3 scripts that have yet to be produced by the Hollywood Studios that optioned them.
  • He is writing, Annihilator for Legendary Comics. The story takes place in Hollywood where a movie director is working on a new blockbuster film. One day he gets a call from the FBI who inform him that something from another dimension has passed through to our realm, and the man is asking to meet him. It is of course his character from the film come to life.
  • He loved his run on Animal Man and feels it may be some of the best work he’s ever done. When asked about where the character is now he says he loves the current writing but felt that the previous writers were writing Swamp Thing, in Animal Man comics. Basically, using Animal Man in places they would have been better fit to put Swamp Thing if that was the character they were writing.
  • He believes that Superheroes only exist to be fictional representations of the best parts of humanity. They are only good for being an uplifting standard for us all. He appreciates stories that put them under a microscope for their writing but to him, they need to remain Super Heroes.

Comic Book Men Season 2 Preview

Kevin Smith, Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic showed a preview of Season 2 of the show as well as answered a TON of fan questions.

  • Kevin Smith answering questions about Comic Book MenSeason 2 looks fantastic. It is the same format as before but more polished. People will indeed bring items to sell, conversations about the best superhero accessory will still occur and of course there’s the wedding between Ming and Mike you’ll have to see to believe.
  • Bryan Johnson showed off the zombie tattoo of his niece. It has since been colored in some. He originally got it in one 6 hour session. He then returned to the Stash to continue filming of the series.
  • Walt Flanagan believes nerds have won. So the idea that nerds need to worry about people making fun of grown adults that love toys or video games is defeatist. The fight is over enjoy the victory.
  • Ming is the store whipping boy in real life as well as on the series. He also wore an Orioles jersey to the anger of the crowd. (They were playing an elimination game with the Yankees that same day.)
  • Kevin thinks that if you have a voice and a laptop you can be a successful podcast. He’s now supporting himself with his podcast and he never believed he’d have the equivalent of a radio station under his control.
  • Kevin will be making his last movie once he trims the script from two Hit Something films down to one. He believes that once he does this film he can focus on speaking tours, the podcasts, making Comic Book Men and finishing his Batman comic: The Widening Gyre part 2.
  • For the first 20 minutes of the panel; only the podium microphone in the IGN theatre worked. Kevin had the entire crew surround the microphone to answer questions. They rolled with it and showed the quick wit that makes the series so much fun.
  • Kevin thinks we need a good live action Boba Fett flick.

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Panel

Pyramid Head returns in Silent Hill RevelationsThis was a tough panel. I am a fan of the original film. I love Christoph Gans and Brotherhood of the Wolf is a movie I have repeatedly shown people to express its awesomeness. Christophe’s take on the series was a ton of fun for me and I love that he took pieces of the original game as well as SH 2. Christophe loved the games and his intention was to make another in the series as well as following that up with an Onimusha film. Unfortunately things fell apart and the series was stagnant for 6 years. Now with a new director, Michael J. Bassett has picked up with a direct sequel to the original film in Silent Hill Revelation. This story takes elements of the third game, which Bassett feels is the best of the series. Adelaide Clemens stars as Heather and Kit Harington as Vincent.

  • This panel had a hard time winning over the audience. Anything they won by showing footage was followed by shill softball questions from the moderator and a saccharine over excitement.
  • I believe audiences at conventions place too much stock in the idea that the stars of their fandom films need to know the source material. Michael knew his stuff regarding the game, Adelaide and Kit had next to no knowledge other than what was shown to them or what they played when they were younger.
  • Konami gave Michael the game series bible so he could draw elements from Silent Hill 3.
  • Michael wants to make more Silent Hill movies that don’t have to follow a preset video game storyline. He also wants to make a low budget short film dealing with the sexuality at play and the gruesomeness that accompanies it throughout the series.
  • Adelaide screamed at the top of her lungs before every take of the film. Something like 50 times a day on average. She demonstrated to the audience.
  • Only one CGI monster in the new Silent Hill is a good signAll the monsters in the film were built practically except the, “Mannequin Spider” which was fully cgi. (Note the same was true of the original film for the most part but that didn’t save the post process from adding a CGI sheen.) The benefits to having practical effects means that all of actors had someone to play against instead of acting to a tennis ball.
  • Michael McDowell, Carrie Anne Moss, Sean Bean and Deborah Kara Unger are all co-starring in the film.
  • The footage looks good, but making the audience suffer through a panel where only one person, Michael Bassett, is doing a good job discussing what they want to hear is not a good idea. They would have done well to show the first 25 minutes of the film instead of just half of one scene and two trailers.
  • They insisted that you see the 3D version b/c that’s how they shot it.

The last panel I attended was Zenescope’s Grimm’s Fairy Tales Animated Series Panel. That said I’ll have more information regarding that show after Day 3 so I’ll hold off until tomorrow. Until then Keep Watching the Skies!

– Mr. Khon

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  1. I left right before the Silent Hill panel to take a nap. It looks like that was a solid decision. 😛

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