Live from Zenkaikon 2009 – Day 1

day1-zenkaikonWell well, after all of the waiting, we are finally here in King of Prussia, PA.  Suffice to say, the excitement that myself (Joey V), Dro and Trombone Kenny are here and thus far we are really like what we are seeing.  Our first initial impression is … Wow!  We say that because as you can see in the picture on the left hand side, there are a lot of people here ready to party it up Anime style.

Below we are going to start posting our pictures from the convention coverage.  The pictures will be updated and uploaded throughout the weekend so please keep coming back and taking a look.

One last thing that we would like to mention, is that there are a lot of people at the convention today and Zenkaikon will be packed to the brim with people.  Our humble request is that you display patience for the rest of the weekend.  The convention staff is working very hard to make this the best Zenkaikon ever, and if you are patient and work with them, then we really feel like it will be.  So just relax, take in the sights and sounds, and enjoy the ride!

Update: We have posted an initial podcast on what we have seen thus far here at the convention.  It’s about 30 minutes and we go into how the con is going thus far, what is happening, what is amazing, and what can be improved.  It is of course not a full convention review, but it’s something that we want to get out there before we start dishing out the specific interviews.

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  1. Wow, looks like tons of fun! Keep the pictures coming!

    Podcast sounds great. Give me more Dro! Any big events on your radar for tonight or tomorrow?

  2. We have an interview with head of cosplay later on tonight, along with a possible interview with Eden Star from New Jersey at the bar tonight. After that we will be talking with Anime Jam Session Podcast, and also Uncle Yo tomorrow. We also have a date with playing some DJ Hero and more Beatles Rock Band. Overall, great times!

  3. Awesome job getting cosplay photos. It was hard to get photos this year, but you guys did a god job on it. =D

  4. Hey!
    That’s me and my friends at the Masquerade!
    I was Ritsuka. :3

  5. Hey guys, thanks for the podcast and feedback. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts further into the con.

    Got a chance to talk with Pedro for a long while in the Con Ops room on Saturday evening (I think?) – awesome guy, A+!

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