Gamesday Baltimore Review

Tau Fire WarriorIn our never ending search to bring you, our faithful viewer, the best and worst in the hobby of Cosplay I present to you a brand new convention review!  What you see to your left is the absolute best that we saw while myself and some of the staff were hanging out at the Baltimore Gamesday hosted by Games Workshop.  The image to the left is also the only person that we saw even attempt a costume of worth while we walked about the Baltimore Convention Center.  There were of course some individuals who made very small attempts at costumes, wearing cloaks or military like uniforms.  Ultimately though, the level of costuming was very low.

Yet there are many reasons that I could come up with for why a convention that primarily deals with wargaming and figurine modeling did not have a strong cosplay presence.  Surely, the foremost reason is that this is not the kind of convention where costuming is rampant.  Another problem that might factor into why costumes aren’t a bigger deal at Gamesday would be the subject matter and the reference material.  The biggest seller in the Games Workshop line is the insanely popular Warhammer 40k, a series defined by high technology and larger than life persona’s.  The most recognizable of these is the Space Marine, a genetically enhanced warrior suited up in power armor.

While the figures that the modeling studio makes are fantastic, they are also very difficult to reproduce.  Making a costume that looks like a Space Marine, or a Dark Eldar raider, is something that is not easy to do, nor is it very cheap to create.  I mean the hobby of wargaming is expensive enough, one can only imagine that fashioning fiberglass to make realistic armor would hurt the wallet as well.

That’s the biggest reason that I can find for why Cosplay is not a very big deal in this capacity.  Taking people from a medium such as figure and model painting where you are rewarded for being perfect, and then asking them to make a proper costume, can be a daunting task.

So while we didn’t see many costumes, whether it be for money reasons or because the costumes where just too difficult, I would like to thank this fine gentleman who made a fantastic looking Tau Fire Warrior suit.  Not only did he spend a great deal of time trying to get the suit to look authentic (which it did), but he also had one person in front of him directing him, and another person in back of him to make sure that he didn’t hit anyone.  Seeing someone like him at an event where I expect absolutely no costumes, was a pleasant surprise.  Hopefully the hobby of Cosplay will start to gain some momentum in future Gamesday events.

Joseph Valenti

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  1. Hi:

    I see you on Twitter, you say that you are going to be at Games Workshop Games Day in Baltimore this Saturday … great, I’m very interested on this event, especially on the new Imperial Armour book (the ninth) from Forgeworld which we believe will talk about the Horus Heresy

    … but I’m from Spain, too far away 🙁 … will you send tweets reporting news for all fans of WH40K around the world ???

    Thanks & greetings from Spain.

  2. We absolutely will bring you all of the coverage that we can. Keep checking our Twitter account! =)

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