g33kWatch Podcast – There’s No Place Like PAX (and a Contest!)

This Podcast was really epic in length and scale.  We didn’t realize how much we had done at PAX East until we actually sat down to discuss it.  That being said though, we have a lot of other exciting stuff that is not PAX related that we should get to first.

Perhaps you remember that a few weeks back our own Mr. Khon and our great friend Laura went to the All-Star Superman Premiere in New York City at the Paley Center.  Well those wonderful people at the Paley Center are going to have an event on Wednesday, March 23 in New York City where you can meet the cast of the SyFy show Being Human.

g33kWatch will be there.  Would you like to be there as well?  Would you like to go there for free and hang out with the g33kWatch staff while you’re at it? Well you can!  Listen to the Podcast for specific details, but all you need to do is comment on this post for your chance to win!  Here are the vital stats on what the event is and what you are trying to win.

  • Being Human Panel/Screening with the show’s cast and the President of Original Content for SyFy Network
  • Wednesday, March 23, 2011
    6:30 PM ET
    5 West 52 Street,  New York, NY 10019

We have 2 pairs of tickets (4 total) and we will be giving away 1 pair via the website, and 1 pair at our Panels at Zenkaikon.  You can win a pair of tickets by simply commenting on this post down below.  If you will be at Zenkaikon, please come to our panels and hang out with us.  We’ll ask for your Twitter name, and we’ll pick someone at random on Monday for both pairs of tickets.  So please listen to the podcast, come support us at Zenkaikon, and cross your fingers and hope you win tickets to a really unique event!

Now … your Show Notes and a picture of the g33kWatch staff with CrabCat Industries and Rana the face of Samara!

Show Notes

  • Check out Being Human on SyFy network, Mondays at 9 PM.
  • The Paley Center is a totally awesome venue with tons of unique events that you can check out in NYC and LA.  Check out the website or follow them on Twitter @paleycenter.
  • You should follow John aka The Seg on Twitter.  He ran the Child’s Play Panel and made a great Google Document that you can use to help our your event.
  • LA Noire looks amazing …

  • Between Dance Central, Child of Eden and Gunstringer, it may now be time that we can recommend a Kinect.  If you feel like we should be playing Kinect during the Slumber Party, let us know!
  • We briefly talked about a lot of games, but we will have in-depth looks at Bastion and Darkness II coming soon!
  • Me with Tim Schafer!

Joseph Valenti

Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves. Connect with me on Google+


  1. Tim Schafer was a surprise bonus for me, I met him on Sunday in the Trenched of XBL display and got to speak with him briefly.

    He signed my pass and my finger (long story), apparently ol’Majikface got photos of me with him that I was unaware of. I can only assume it is blackmail material for a later date.

    Was great meeting you guys, hopefully won’t be the only and last time.

  2. Last year’s NY Comic Con is really the only major con I have to compare PAX East to, but it was totally head and shoulders above that, from line management, to event staff, to venue staff, to the general tone of the event… just so much better. And the BCEC was just amazing. If it’s not bigger than the Javits Center, it is definitely a MUCH better usage of space.

    Mad props to you guys for dancing, and bonus props to Joey and Sean for following the Soulja Boy wunderkind.

    Invictus was the best game there, I don’t know what you guys are talking about. 😛

    I was so unbelievably excited about my Earth Defense Force flyswatter, I can’t even tell you…

    [Count me out of the running for the Being Human tix. As much as I’d love to go, I have concert tickets for that night. :D]

  3. All this PAX talk in making me jealous. I defenitely need to go next year and meet everyone if I have the money for it :p

  4. I’m with Reborn on that. If I can, I might just mail myself to the convention center and hope for the best.

  5. Pro Tip: Don’t forget to cut air holes. If anyone asks questions when posting it just say they’re ‘Speed Holes’ to get the parcel delivered faster!


    Can I just say that my jealousy of your Sessler and Webb sighting knows no bounds? Although I would have embarrassed myself with my gushing of “I’VE BEEN WATCHING SINCE TECHTV AAAAHHHH!” So… yeah.


  8. I need to get some g33kwatch swag for CC! It seems to be becoming a popular thing with the cool people! 😛

  9. Glad that everyone has enjoyed the coverage of PAX thus far. I also have some game interviews / video that I need to get up here and I am working on it.

    As for g33kWatch swag, well we are hoping to get more and more stuff out there! =)

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