g33kWatch Bringing the Panel Love to Zenkaikon V!

We have mentioned it for months on the Podcasts.  If you weren’t paying attention to us, then shame on you.  Despite that, we’re going to forgive you and tell you once more about how awesome Zenkaikon is!

March 18 – 20,King of Prussia, PA, at the Valley Forge Convention Center, g33kWatch will be at Zenkaikon V as featured panelists.  Yup, we are one step closer to full blown guest status.

Being featured panelists is a pretty sweet gig, but it isn’t all hot babes and epic wins at the video game tournaments.  No, we are expected to work for our status, and work we shall!  We are bringing four of our panels that routinely filled up Anime USA rooms this past November.  Our full schedule, along with a brief description of each panel is below.

The g33kWatch crew hopes that you’ll be able to make it to a great Anime Convention, and help support our site at the same time.  If you can’t make it, be sure to tell all of your friends that we’ll be there and to say hi!  It’s a total blast to hang out with fans and friends so don’t be afraid to hang out with us during the weekend.

Please note that times are subject to change with little to no notice.  We have no control of any changes that happen.  If you are at Anime USA and want to see us, keep posted to our Twitter @g33kWatch


  • Square Enix to Bioware:  Evolution of the RPG – 5:15 PM @ Live 3 (Gettysburg)

An entire panel where we talk about the beginning of the RPG video game, what games helped shape us growing up, and how they have evolved today.  We praise those RPG’s that are pushing the envelope and flame those that are simply created to make some money.  Will definitely start some arguments, so be there for that!

  • “Where’s our Flying Cars and Hoverboards?!” – 9:30 PM @ Live 2 (GS2)

“In the distant future … of 1997.”  Do you know movies that start off like that?  Movies that didn’t put a lot of padding time wise so that they seem so silly when you watch them today?  Shows like the Jetsons, and movies like Back to the Future, Escape From New York, and Blade Runner all do this.  We talk about what they got right about the future, what they got wrong, and why they decided on that year.


  • Building Compelling RPG World and Storylines – 11:00 AM @ Live 2 (GS2)

Are you a current or aspiring Game / Dungeon Master or Storyteller?  Do you have a great idea that you would like to flesh out for a web comic or novel?  In this panel Joey V and MZ discuss their process for creating memorable characters, and how that allows their unique worlds to come to life.

  • Transition from Anime to Live Action – 12:45 PM @ Live 1 (GS1)

Remember those rumors about an Akira movie developed and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio?  How about the WETA concept art for an Evangelion movie?  Did you know that Keanu Reeves is set to play Spike in a Cowboy Bebop movie?  Come as we talk about what kind of developmental hell some of these projects are in, and some of the “success” stories of taking an Anime and filming it Live Action.

Joseph Valenti

Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves. Connect with me on Google+

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  1. I’m always on the wrong side of the ocean for these things :p

    Hope you have a great time doing the panels. If you like bead sprites then geek-mythology (http://geek-mythology.deviantart.com/journal/39176660/) will be there this weekend. He’s a friend on dA who gave me some advice on shipping my sprites to you and has some great designs so say hi from me if you do check it out 🙂

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