CosWatch Podcast – Zenkaikon Review

podcastIt has been a week since Zenkaikon.  Much has been written about it on the internet and I’m sure if you were there then you have a very good idea on how you felt about the convention.  Like everyone else, we here at CosWatch have an opinion on how the convention went as well, and for us the best way to express that was via a podcast review.

So what’s the long and short of it?  We loved the convention and felt like it was run very well.  I know what you are saying though, “wasn’t this the convention that didn’t have enough room?”  Yes to an extent that is true, but honestly, it didn’t prevent us from having a blast at the convention, and you’ll hear about all of the fun times that we were able to have in the 30 minute podcast.

We are very much looking forward to Zenkaikon next year when they have a larger convention space and hopefully spread out to three full days.  If you want to help out and make sure that one one has anything to complain about, be sure to head over to and see what you can do to volunteer or staff at the convention.  If they get just a few more people to help out, the entire event can really become one of th ebest on the East Coast, I firmly believe that.

In any case, listen to the podcast and enjoy!

Joseph Valenti

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