Big Hero 6 – NY Comic Con 2014, Day 1

Disney pulled out all the stops on Thursday evening. Their first panel was for the Walt Disney Animation Studios/Marvel mashup, Big Hero 6. The panel featured the entire main film cast and crew, except Damon Wayans Jr.

Hosted by Chris Hardwick they showcased several new sequences of the film. Hiro meeting his brother Tadashi’s friends, Beymax running low on power, and an amazing sequence featuring the films mysterious main villain.

The scenes each showed a different element of the film.

Tadashi’s robotics school is classic Disney Magic. They introduce Go-Go and her electromagnetic bike. Wasabi and his lasers, Honey Lemon and her chemistry, Fred and his mascot costume, and finally Tadashi’s greatest work Beymax. Hiro after meeting all of these geniuses finds himself drawn to their work and wants to join Tadashi as a student there.

Beymax running low begins as he leaves the police station with Hiro. They are trying to get home before Hiro’s aunt notices that they weren’t at school all day. Hiro and Beymax trying to sneak upstairs is one of the funniest and most heart string pulling moments of the film. Beymax is delightfully unaware most of the time how much trouble he’s causing Hiro and the entire sequence is hilarious.

Lastly they showed their villain, wearing a Kabuki mask and commanding an army of miniature robots that can swarm together and make themselves into a variety of shapes and perform an insane number of tasks. Hiro, Beymax, Honey, Fred, Wasabi and Go-Go are chased through the streets of San Fransokyo by the supervillain. Beymax does all he can to protect Hiro and Go-Go takes control from Wasabi and drives them to safety.

Now I could discuss this film in full as I was lucky enough to be one of the people that got to attend the screening on Thursday night. When it gets closer I will review the entire film.

– Mr. Khon

P.S. – One of the best moments of the panel was when Scott Adsit (30 Rock, Moral Orel) who plays Beymax, came out and got emotional. He talked about how he attends NY Comic Con usually as a fan and now he’s sitting on stage talking about a movie everyone is excited about. He got choked up and it was very cool.

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