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maineventsGo to any Anime Convention in the world and ask someone what the highlight of the con is, and many people will give you the same answer; Cosplay Masquerade.  It is a staple of so many Main Event rooms across the country, that it has become synonymous with hilarious skits, fantastic costumes, and embarrassing mishaps.  It has also become infamous for another trait that it generally has, and that is the very long line that is spawned while people wait to get into the event.

We interviewed our good South Park Cosplaying friends who were only a few people away from the front of the line, and they had been waiting for two and a half hours when we talked to them.  What made this worse was that when we talked them, there was still two hours BEFORE the show started.  That means that before anything happened, and the very talented Uncle Yo took the stage, people had to wait upwards of 4.5 to 5 hours in an effort to get into the Masquerade.

The argument that you could always use to this, is that people who wait that long are just trying to get front row seats.  You could easily still get into the event by standing online for maybe 30 minutes at max, if you are ok with having a seat in the back of the main events room.  Well I am here to tell you that this is simply not true.  With two hours before the show started, the line for Masquerade was officially allowed to start wrapping around the second floor of the Boston Convention Center.  The gallery below will show you just how many people were waiting.  Dr. Weezil and I walked the length of this line snapping photos and we are not kidding when we say that the end of the line, nearly met up with the front of it.

Now of course, this could bring up the obvious question of, is all of this waiting worth it?  Well as one might gather from our Masquerade LiveBlog … some of the skits could have been a bit better.  It was fun, but it’s a long time to wait in line, so that you can sit for about 5 hours and watch the Masquerade.  On average, that’s 7 hours spent dedicated to one event.  No matter what, dedicating that much time to one event, is daunting and if you asked me, nothing is worth waiting that long.  We here at CosWatch are just lucky that we get VIP seating, otherwise we might be a bit more ornery.

To combat these long lines and the boredom that might take place, Anime Boston took an interesting stance and that was to help out the crowd and provide the entertainment.  This is where Line Con comes in, and our interview with them was very interesting.  While it’s not much, just some music and a staff member calling out dances and games, it really helped keep the hopes and spirits up of the people in line that we talked to.  In our opinion, what Anime Boston was a step in the right direction, and I hope that it’s something that other conventions adopt as their own.

While I won’t claim to have originated something like this, the staff at CosWatch did something similar one year at Anime USA.  We had a unopened box of donut holes while in line for the Masquerade.  So we did the nice thing of handing the box off to those in front of us in the line and said “Take one and pass it on.”  Amazingly, that box of donuts got to the front of the line, and everyone was happy to see it.  Hell, we got a mini-ovation from a man dressed like Willy Wonka.  It was most certainly a convention highlight.

Anyways, I digress.  Please enjoy the pictures and our interview with Line Con below!

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