A&G Ohio – Last Minute Interview

A&G Ohio is taking place this Friday in Cincinnati, OH.  We have been singing the praises of the convention for a few months now in preparation, and now it’s time for our 9 hour road trip with lots of great music and red bull to commence!

Yet our last minute preparation is nothing compared to what Con Chairman Jason Taylor is going through right now.  In between his busy schedule, he was able to sit down with us for a small amount of time and answer a few more questions about what we can expect from the convention, and some of his thoughts on recent gaming trends.

If you missed our first interview piece with Jason, please go take a look via the link below!

With the convention so close now, what is the biggest obstacle you are still trying to finalize?

Nothing involving actual convention planning really. We just got back last night having dinner with the hotel trying to work out special food deals for the con. Got to keep our guests and hotel happy! 😉

A&G Ohio is going to have Troy Baker at the convention, a mere days after the release of Final Fantasy XIII.  How exciting is it for you to have such a talented guest that is connected to one of the biggest video game releases of the year?

When I first spoke to Troy is was almost surreal. He is a A class guest as well as an all around cool cat. Most of our staff are huge FF fans are over joyed and all of us are prepping our copies for when he shows up! Its very exciting and great timing for our convention.

We know that you are in charge of the convention and you like every event.  But be honest, which event are you most excited about, something that you and the rest of the con goers just shouldn’t miss?

We have put a lot of focus on the wrestling event on Friday night! Hopefully the professionalism shows through along with the entertainment factor. I can not put our musical off either. We spend over 100 hours planning, scripting and recording and this year even though it is still a Resident Evil based musical we have thrown in some surprises and a special guest appearance at the end as well. Bound to be a great show.

Past 6 months have been a stellar time for new Video Game releases.  What has been your favorite new release over that time span?

I was geeking out for the release of Assassins Creed 2. Great game! My mind was changed though by Troy Baker when he suggested we play Uncharted 2 with superstar voice actor Nolan North. That game was absolutely fantastic! It really was really like playing a movie and the cut scenes to game play rolled seamlessly together.

What costume are you hoping to see most at the convention?

Hopefully not a mass Naruto turn out XD. In all seriousness I would like to see more classic game characters and Air Gear costumes!

What costume are you bored / tired with after seeing so many at conventions?

I would have to say Naruto.

Finally, the most important question … Ninjas or Pirates?

Neither. I say Chuck Norris and Lumberjacks! Haha~!

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