WiiHD? Wii2? Wii3D? WiiII?

Hello g33ks and m33ks and all you game masters out there (one day I will defeat you Bayou Billy). Welcome to a post of PURE CONJECTURE. That’s right I take no credit and make no claims to know anything regarding the subject we will be discussing in this article. (Unless I end up somehow getting something right and in that case I knew it all along.)

Last week the video game community collectively wet itself when it was announced that sources inside The Big N were giving out details on the successor to the Wii. The thing that made g33ks around the world to go so rabid was that these are not the same rehashed rumors of a 720p output Wii but a totally new gaming system. From all over the internet new rumors became a daily occurrence, at any given time the machine was only slightly more powerful than the current Wii to the next when it was more powerful than a PS3. Like everything in life it appears that the truth lies in the middle of all the wildly spaced rumors.

Consensus (of all the rumors) now seems to lie in that the system will be equivalent in power to an XBOX 360, games available for PS3 and 360 will be easily ported, Nintendo is showing it around to developers as we speak, it will be announced immediately previous to or at E3, an announcement of a price drop of the Wii will signal it is in fact forthcoming, the controller will be more traditional ala the GameCube, the controller will feature a 6 inch touch screen, you will be able to stream the entire visual interface of the game directly to the screen on the controller, there will be a front facing camera on the controller which can double as a Wii sensor bar, it will be backward compatible with GameCube and the Wii, this new system will premiere in June of 2012 in Japan and Holiday 2012 in the US.

So now that we’ve talked about the rumors lets talk about how we feel about the rumors. I for one would really like to see this new system lead Nintendo back into the “hardcore” gamer space. I’m an old school Nintnedo fanboy and I remember when the Big N was capable of standing toe to toe with the best in the industry. When you could have the best graphical interface, the best controller, and Nintendo’s 1st party series on the same system as Mortal Kombat. We all know the story, Sega began an add on arms race with the Genesis in order to combat the primacy of the Super Nintendo. Nintendo was handily beating the Genesis and its CD-Rom drive system developed with Sony was going to bring gaming to new heights. Nintendo fights with Sony over revenue and the resulting fight leads to the birth of the SCEA and the Playstation. After two rounds Sony and then Microsoft took over the industry sending Nintendo into a dangerous third place position. Microsoft starts trying to buy Nintendo, Sony announces that the PS3 will be a console with decade long run and Nintendo fires back that it will win the next hardware generation with the Wii. The Wii becomes a crossover gaming hit that scores with all ages, which added to the success of the legal money printer (aka the DS) Nintendo soon becomes the industry leader again. This is where the chasm then begins to grow. Seen as too successful in casual market ‘hardcore’ gamers jump from the Wii and although this gaming system is available in so many homes it gathers dust except during holidays and parties.

My system of first choice was always Nintendo because I could play all the third party games I wanted and the Nintendo only titles I most loved. Sony’s characters never built any rapport with me and I could give or take Sega characters. So if Nintendo shows up at E3 and says to me here’s a system capable of playing games on the level of the 360 and I can also have a graphically intense Legend of Zelda game I will get on board. I know many people have sailed on Nintendo but I’m the type of fanboy that will return over and over because unlike Sony and Microsoft they aren’t afraid to swing for the stars. Massive failures like the Power Glove and Virtual Boy are from the same minds that created the Wiimote and the 3DS. They’re the guys that take Donkey Kong and put him into one of the most iconic platform series of all time, the ones that made their big battle armored bounty hunter a woman, the people that take a grotesque stereotype of an Italian plumber and make him an icon, and where they can keep tell the stories of elf boys and princesses with the same names trying to fight a giant evil pig man throughout the history of one magical kingdom called Hyrule.

The days of being able to buy all the games you want on a single system have gone out the window. There will always be a lead sku, exclusive DLC or a contract that keeps certain games on particular systems. Nintendo as an actual player in the hardcore space means that those old series will finally be updated into the current gaming generation. Samus will be able to jump and roll with the same graphical intensity as Issac, she will be able to fight in more than 21/2D, and Team Ninja fully rendered Metroid enemies would make that game a day one purchase.

I fully anticipate people commenting that they don’t care, they’re over Nintendo, they’re part of the generation that have only ever owned Playstations or XBOXs, Nintendo will never follow through or this will just be two Wii’s duct taped together. Knowing that those comments will come I also know there are Nintendo fanboys out there, the ones that bought Tatsunoko vs Capcom – Mad World – Boom Blox and No More Heroes as well as Super Mario Galaxy, the ones that still have their Collectors Issues of Nintendo Power with foil covers featuring ‘A Link To The Past’, the ones that entered the “blood code” on Mortal Kombat 2 on SNES and are ready to take a chance on finally getting back the Nintendo we used to have.

Comment below, let me know where you stand on this ‘news’…

Mr. Khon

Mr. Khon

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  1. I was a Nintendo child up through college, when my hall was very firmly in the N64 camp. I’m pretty sure I probably still have at least one Nintendo Power poster on my walls. That part of me would like to see Nintendo make a comeback. But for the gamer in me, it’ll be two systems removed from the last Nintendo console I ever really consistently enjoyed playing anything on, so I’m hesitant to get my hopes up.

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