Objects of Desire or Things I Want and Don’t Need …

Hello g33ks, m33ks, and all of you who managed to survive tryouts. I’m going to go after a new type of article with this post. All of us nerds sit around and spend our money on video games, comics, convention passes and of course … Rage Quit Relief

But seriously there’s always a list of things one wants that we don’t really need. I’m going to focus this article on things I find on the internet that really exist and in some cases are for sale. Other items will exist but not be for sale and are just objects of desire as they are.

We’ll see if we can have fun with this and maybe it’ll inspire many of us to start some kind of 401k or long term savings plans to have fun in the future.

The first item has been dreamed of for decades but is now actually available for sale. From those lovingly deranged folks at Hammacher Schlemmer I give you the fully sized and operating Tron Light Cycle.


That’s right my friends. For the mere price of 55,000 dollars (which means for our UK friends that’s about 10 quid) you can feel like Flynn racing across the Grid. I shouldn’t have to explain to you all out there why this item is so coveted. If you were a kid (or adult) who managed to watch either the original Tron or Tron: Legacy and don’t want one of these… I’m actually questioning what you’re doing on this website.

There are other methods to get a light cycle including several custom bike shops but this is Hammacher Schlemmer. That means they’ve coordinated with a reputable shop and are willing to stand by it with their reputation. That we live in a world where a person of means can simply order one of these makes me proud to be a g33k.

The second item is not for sale anywhere that I am aware. It will likely be some day in the future for a price so exorbitant that no one you know could possibly afford it… unless you’re Bill Gates (in which case first welcome to the site… second any chance you and Bono want to toss us a little cash?)

You may have found this Easter Egg on The Dark Knight Blu-Ray.

This ‘Jokerized’ Dark Knight trailer exists in more than just a digital format. During The Dark Knight’s viral campaign you could follow 3 different tracks. One focused on the election of Harvey Dent as District Attorney, another followed a group of wannabe vigilantes called Citizens for Batman and lastly was a track which followed The Joker. In each case there were rallies, scavenger hunts and unique swag given away for those following the ARG.

After a scavenger hunt which required participants on the ground as well as online to work together led to the premiere of The Dark Knight’s first full length trailer. As each person went to their seat their phones/cameras were taken and each person was given a numbered ticket. This was presumably so that each item would be returned to its rightful owner but once the elated fans left the theatre and started to reclaim their electronics they found that some members of the audience would be given “Joker” cards, “Joker” cell phones (through which The Joker would communicate with his followers) and the top prize in each city a film reel.

Those given the reel were instructed that “The Boss wants the world to see this.” Only a few of the reels were screened but nearly all were examined in some way and it was found that they were all recut versions of the trailer with editing done by The Joker. One of the reels was screened, filmed and placed online as instructed.

There have been stirrings online that many bids were sent out in an attempt to get one of the winners to sell their reel. So far I don’t know if any have changed hands but since it is an alternate piece of film from one of the highest grossing films in history… its likely unique since each film had a different color lightsaber drawn in … and c’mon its Batman the price will be astronomical.

What items on this level do you desire? Anything with an interesting back story, or which was once thought to be impossible could be featured in this series.

– Mr. Khon

Mr. Khon

Our own version of The Illusive Man, Mr. Khon's identity is kept secret until he sells a screenplay. Once that happens, he's taking us all to the big time.


  1. Three things:

    1.) Hammacher Schlemmer sounds like the kind of company that makes high fructose corn syrup or toilet seats. Or both.

    2.) “If you were a kid (or adult) who managed to watch either the original Tron or Tron: Legacy and don’t want one of these… I’m actually questioning what you’re doing on this website.”

    I don’t want one, and yet here I am. You know why I don’t want one? One word.


    3.) “What items on this level do you desire? Anything with an interesting back story, or which was once thought to be impossible could be featured in this series.”

    Your true identity. http://inception.davepedu.com/

  2. I laughed a lot with the Inception link. I have to use that more often.

    I think if I had to choose between a Batpod and the Light Cycle, I would go with the Light Cycle. Then again, I also want to do this cosplay at some point so I’m fairly biased.


  3. I found a toy that I don’t need but really want. Keep in mind that I already have a FX Lightsaber, but now I want another one with the removable blade so I can attach it to my belt. =P


  4. This is completely frivolous, and its more than I’ve spent on any one computer let alone just the keyboard… but EACH KEY is its own little LED screen! The keys are all programmable! They can each play a quicktime video. You can program them to change when you launch a program to have custom key functions for JUST that program FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!!!


  5. I actually remember that keyboard being around when I was in high school. Man that was a long time ago. I had the same exact reaction though my desire to buy one slipped away after I ruined two keyboards from spilled drinks within a 30 minute time span I just couldn’t have a keyboard that I was afraid to use or get close to. =P

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