Mass Effect Marathon Announced!

Mass Effect Marathon sets out to raise money for the Child’s Play Charity

Denville, NJ, United States – September 15, 2010

On November 26th, the first annual Mass Effect Marathon video game marathon will set out to play Mass Effect, have fun, and donate money to the Child’s Play Charity.  Visitors are encouraged to come watch a team of gamers play through Mass Effect 1 & 2, and donate money through the site to Child’s Play, a charity that donates over a million dollars to Children’s Hospitals worldwide every year.

The Mass Effect Marathon is a video-gaming marathon broadcast live on the internet by g33kWatch, a group of gamers who provide news and podcasts about the geek community.  For three days straight, the group will be playing Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 consecutively.  Mass Effect is a series of games developed by BioWare, and distributed by Electronic Arts.  They follow the adventures of Commander Shepard as he travels the galaxy, fighting against the villainous Collectors and Reapers.  Throughout the game, players are present choices of morality that determine whether Commander Shepard is viewed as a Paragon, or Renegade.

Viewers are asked to donate money via the website, and as the dollar total rises, the players will change the final outcome of the games.  Donations will actually determine what the final game ending will be when the marathon is completed.  Viewers are encouraged to participate by e-mail, Twitter, or by live internet chat, where they can ask questions of the players, make requests, vote in online polls that will determine how the games are played, and entering to win prizes. To view the gaming marathon, donate money, or find more information, please visit

g33kWatch is a central hub that provides news, convention reviews and journalistic perspective about anything and everything related to the geek community.  The majority of the information is done via podcasts, which can be downloaded at

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  2. Romance Tali, go full Paragon.

  3. Hi guys,

    Thanks a lot for the comments! If you haven’t already though, go to and vote in the ME1 and ME2 polls there. That will help us figure out how we are going to play the game! =)


  5. Why dont you play as a FEMALE Shepard??
    The male one is so boring and overused…. =(

  6. Hey Leanne,

    We thought of the FemShepard, absolutely did. We took a vote here on the team, and a male shepard just barely won out. We just hope that giving everyone the opportunity to dictate all the rest of our choices, will be fair enough compensation.

    Hopefully if the event is a hit, we will be back next year with a Female Shepard. =)

  7. Kill Ashley on virmire! and romance Liara! XD

  8. Save Wrex, leave Kaiden, romance Tali, and go paragon 🙂

  9. What about fem Shep, i think she’s up to this challenge and to cooperate too, now i’m going renegade so i think you should too, anyway i think you decide that

  10. tell the Council to go to hell!… before you going to find Saren and save the Rachni Queen:

  11. i agree rebekah

  12. Bah, male Shepard. In that case, I would say romance Liara in the first game, leave Ashley behind on Virmire (because Mass Effect is just not the same without Kaidan!) and romance Tali in the second game, with an even balance between paragon and renegade points, only leaning a little to the paragon side.

    Female Shepard is still the real one IMO, and things get a lot more interesting and less boring if she’s a woman.

  13. Be nice! This is for the kids after all! no pre-marital sex? and no cussing!

  14. nice marg lol sooo no miranda?,,,well i guess tali then

  15. Here’s a very interesting article on the popularity of Fem Shep.

    You guys should check it out. I always played as a male myself but now I feel like having my own marathon as a Female Shep.

  16. Save Wrex, Save Alenko, Save Council, Save Rachni, basically Save EVERYONE. Full Paragon, some Renegade. Romance Tali. Do not follow the Illusive man’s bidding.

    Become Awesome.

  17. Go Paragon in both, save ashley, save wrex romance first liara and then tali go paragon and tell the illusive man to go to hell!

  18. I love Mass Effect 1&2….Is this a private party marathon or are you guys taking volunteers……because I marathon all the time…wife hates it though….HEHE

  19. sucks that lady shepard lost out, but at least you considered it.
    For the most fun if your going to pass and play I suggest playing soldier, easy to get for all. Also go with your gut feeling when it comes to choices. it is way more satisfying than being all good or all bad.

  20. ME: go full paragon even on Saren… hes awesome ^^ ME2: full paragon here too.. and Romance Tali!

  21. Female Shepard, full paragon.. Romance Tali in ME2.

  22. Female Shepard, full paragon and a little renegade. More femShep!


    Adept. If Fem!Shep, go crazy with the looks, but if Male!Shep, stick with Sheplu.

    Break the game. Alternate between Paragon and Renegade choices. Make sure they are equal.


    Kill Wrex. Save Ashley. If possible, tell Saren to go kill himself (or so I heard, I never tried that option before).

    Kill the Council (no one likes them enough to do otherwise, I’d wager).

    In ME2, Be hostile to Tali.

    No, you weren’t going out with Ash or Kaiden, they were buddies to you.

    Romance Garrus if Fem, Romance Jack if Male. Optionally romance Morinth. *snicker*

    Make Miranda die in the last mission.

    Keep the Collector ship.

  24. Don’t put up with the council, the illusive man, or any of that nonsense. You should still be the hero though and save the council. Make sure to do all the delightfully horrendous renegade interrupts, but still be a nice guy all around (don’t be a space racist either, that’s just not Sheppard). Do the Tali romance, and just let Jack die in the suicide mission. She sucks.

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