Marathon Preparation Documentary Announced!

Our good friend Mr. Manaleak is in charge of the Mass Effect Marathon video feed. He has a very good grasp of how we are going to display not only the actually video gameplay but also some great footage of us playing on location. In addition to all of that though, he has decided to take on a new documentary series that he will be showing on YouTube in the coming weeks.

Mr. Manaleak will be giving you a behind the scenes look into what kind of work goes into making the Mass Effect Marathon helping, and a chance for everyone to get to know the people who make it possible. Soon to come are going to be interviews with Joey V, Pedro, Katie, and the rest of the crew who are going to be saving the galaxy from the Reapers.

Stay tuned to his YouTube Channel and this website for more information!

Joseph Valenti

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  1. I can’t wait to do everything we can for Child’s Play! I’ve got some more ideas too. We gotta meetup asap and discuss. Maybe I’ll come up on a weeknight.

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  3. Can we participe to the marathon too? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Absolutely Bastien!

      We will be webcasting the entire marathon live on UStreamTV over Thanksgiving day weekend. Feel free to get in on the UStream chat, and talk with us! We will answer questions, take suggestions, and just have a great time with all of our viewers and donors. =)

  4. I was just going to re-do mass effect 1 & 2 one more time so.. xD

  5. Okey thanks Joseph ๐Ÿ™‚
    See ya there so ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Gosh november 26?! It’s my birthday that day ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ !

  7. ME1 And 2….man this is a dream come true so how is this going to work? cos i’m in aus and i’d like to help

    • There are a few different ways you can help out Bilko!

      Biggest help is to donate to Child’s Play using our ChipIn widget on the ME Marathon site. If you are unable to do that though, help promote the event for us! Anyway you can help to get the word out, please do. More people who watch the webcast and vote in the polls, better chance we can get a huge donation sent over to a worthy charity.

      Finally, just watch! Watch the webcast and participate in the chat! We will be watching chat, and Twitter the entire weekend so we will be sure to take suggestions, give shout outs, and answer as many questions as possible. =)

  8. the biggest problem for me is i’m on a connection similar to dial-up so the net is really slow but i will donate all i need is details

  9. righto i’ll chip in 20, expect some more once the paycheck comes in

  10. nah no scholar failed near everything cept science but i was in the hospital when i was a kid, it sucked so i’m gonna give my 360 to my local children’s ward

  11. okay donated some now still reach out to Australia plenty of people here that love ME unfortunatly i probably wont be able to watch as the time difference and net speed will suck

  12. wow live shout out? didnt think i did that much but cheers for it just make sure you save mordin love the quirky analystic sense of humour. umm… when did you guys start the fundraiser ?

  13. just asking cos usually you get more money in the first week and the last week. i really hope ppl prove me wrong. but just speaking from experience. cmon ppl donate some money sick kids love playing games too

  14. that is awesome, love bioware for the games they produce, i mean a game that can take up 40+ hours and still be fun……….only bioware, i think i might donate some since my favourite games maker has your support

  15. there we are an extra 100…………….damn that felt good, hope the kids have fun

    • Thank you again Bilko! You are awesome, and the kids really will appreciate your help. What part of Australia are you in? Are you near the Mana Bar in Brisbane? I’m sure if they know about the marathon, they could show it live in the bar!

  16. no unfortunately, i’m regional NSW live a town of less that 100 people so i know what bad health service is like (well not bad just strained). adults can put up with it kids well they need to take their minds off things. and as where i live i’m the only person who knows what DDR is let alone DDR2………lol sorry i can’t be of more help

  17. hmm i think in canberra they have alot of places that could attract alot of attention for you,

  18. the barracks is one here:

    maybe you could contact them and see what they can do. (i.e free games night till broadcast. pay X to get in all goes to kids etc)

  19. just thinking out loud really

  20. tell me how can i change my profile picture? …………if i go there its about umm……80 miles from here(american terms) i will be sure to let them know. i mean cmon it’s all for the kiddies

  21. no worries, you most aussies are glad to help out all you have to do is ask……for instance EB Games AUS try them

    they have a promotions and sponsorship application they are Australia wide so that can be a huge help

  22. Hey thanks Joseph ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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