How Day Jobs Affect Hobbies & Passions

My job was eliminated and I felt nothing but stressWhat a difference a few days make.  The last time I wrote up a new post from my editor desk, I was speaking so glowingly about how my four month experiment of livestreaming had been going.  I wrote about the huge number of hours I had accumulated, all the games that I completed, and was coming off the high of raising a ton of money during the Extra Life charity drive.

I wrote that post on October 31st which was a Friday.  On Monday, November 3rd, I had my day job eliminated and I was without a job.  As you might imagine, I was immediately scared and stressed out.  Despite how nuts a situation like this can be, it wasn’t all bad.  I had a good number of references in my back pocket willing to talk up my skills, and I had three months of severance pay to tide me over.  So I thankfully wasn’t going to starve.

Whoa that sucks!  No wonder you weren’t streaming!

While I thought the process of finding a new job wouldn’t have affected my live streaming setup, boy was I wrong.  I did a few streams early on in my job search, playing some Risk of Rain and Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, but after about a week my schedule got completely fucked up.  I wanted to keep going with my early morning streams, and with my Wednesday night co-op show with Katie, but there was a few small reasons why I didn’t stick with it.

I will find a job today!For whatever reason, my dog alarm clock decided that I didn’t need to wake up at 5 AM like I had been.  Maybe he wanted me to relax, but yeah that threw off my schedule badly.  Even with that though, I could have just started to stream once I woke up, but I didn’t want to take away from the time I was dedicating to submitting resumes and job applications.  I usually spent about 2-3 hours each morning applying to jobs and that ate into most of my streaming time.

OK well maybe I could have started streaming early in the afternoon?  Perhaps early on, but I was actually getting such a great response from my resume that I just couldn’t dedicate myself to anything that I couldn’t pause.  I was getting tons of phone calls every day from recruiters, phone screens and phone interviews.  I didn’t want to have to interrupt a livestream every twenty minutes so that I could go into the other room and speak with another potential job opportunity.

So tired ...The other major factor was that I was tired all the time.  I know that some of you must be asking, “But you were just applying to jobs and sitting on your butt, there’s no reason for you to be tired!”  Well perhaps you are right, but the process of trying to get a new job was very tiring to me.  The reason being, I was in a constant state of having to “be on.”  Meaning, I just always had to be the best version of myself.  It was almost like playing a role in a theatre production, having to constantly think over what I should say, highlighting some of my business strengths, while also being ready to improv at any moment if one of the interviewers threw me for a curve ball.

So while all of that was exhausting and I loathed being at work, the good news is that I started my brand new job on December 15th!  I got more money, I’m working in a very casual and exciting place, and I’m going to learn a lot about some new technologies that will help make me even more marketable in the future.  It only took me a month to find this new job, so I’m excited that I’ll be getting regular paychecks and still a few severance checks as well.  Always nice to lose your job and make money on the deal somehow!

I’m really happy for you, but what about the stream?

Hopefully my future streaming setupThe good news is, now with all of this job business out of the way, I can finally start working on my plan to get back into my week day stream.  I was even thinking about possibly starting it right when I began the new job, but I wanted to give myself some time to work through the holidays, and to get used to my new schedule.

I’m not ready to commit to one particular day for when I’ll come back, but I will definitely come back to stream once 2015 starts up.  I actually have a few days off inbetween Christmas and New Years Eve so I may find some time to stream on a few random days.  As always if you want to know when I’m going live, best places to get notified are Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.TV.

Do you have anything new planned for when you come back?

My new capture card will mean even more video gamesAbsolutely!  I was able to do a little side job for an advertiser, and that gave me the funds to buy a new Elgato Game Capture HD60 which I’m super excited to start playing around with.  This finally means that I’ll be able to start streaming games from my PS4, XBOX 360 and PS3, in addition to everything I have been playing on my computer.  I also procured a few games during the latest Steam Holiday Sale and I think they will be good for quick one-off games, and also a few full plays.

So that’s what I have coming up in the future.  I wanted to get this post up before Christmas to give everyone a proper update and to let you all know that I’m still here, and I plan to get back to interacting with all of you while playing some great video games.  Thanks for reading and have a great holiday season!


Joseph Valenti

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  1. When I ended up unemployed a few years ago I wanted to treat the first few days as a vacation. That was an impossible wish. I was super stressed out and that left me exhausted. I was lucky and someone in my network of contacts found I was out of work and had a job for me in just a few days but it was tough. Glad this worked out for you.

    • Yeah I felt the exact same way. I needed to be out and about and interviewing, there was no vacation for me. Now that I have the new job though? Totally planning a vacation!

      That all being said, I’m looking forward to finally getting back into the swing of things and adding some new video stuff to the website. I’m thinking about what kind of Charity thing I want to do this spring, and trying to add in some more horror game stuff for Friday nights or something. Should be fun!

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