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The g33kWatch website certainly has collected a lot of dust over the last eight months or so.  Yet quickly we now have a new website design, and a great new article from Mr. Khon about The Purge Breakout Experience.  So what gives?  Why all the activity all of a sudden?  Where the fuck did we go for that long?

Well, hopefully my little rambling here will help you figure out what happened to the site and where it could possibly be going.

First things first though, allow me to (re)introduce myself for those that may not know or who have forgotten.  My name is Joey V and I’m the Webmaster and Editor in Chief here at g33kWatch.  The site has been around since 2009 when we first started doing Podcasts and convention coverage specifically towards Anime and Cosplay.  Then in 2010 we changed up our format and broadened the focus to Video Games, Movies, Comics, and many other geeky endeavors that struck our fancy.

During that time we also did a number of gaming marathons (Mass Effect, BioShock, Slumber Party) that supported Child’s Play Charity.  Since 2010 we have been lucky enough to have raised over $80,000 for Child’s Play and been recognized as a Platinum sponsor.  It is the thing I’m most proud of participating in while working on the site.

Yeah yeah, most of us know all of this.  Why the long hiatus?

Rare photo of Loki sleepingWhile the last few articles that we posted were from October of 2013, my personal involvement with the website had been waning since early last year.  I was participating in Podcasts now and then, but in terms of producing content, Mr. Khon was carrying this website for most of the year.  There are a number of reasons that I could point to as to why I wasn’t doing more; Mass Effect Marathon 3 took a lot of planning and energy from me, my new puppy Loki was causing me to not get as much sleep, and things at my day job were getting better but also much more time consuming.

All of those are valid excuses, but in the end though, I had just gotten very lazy about the website in general.  With all of the other stuff I was participating in and working on, it just didn’t leave a lot of free time for me to relax and enjoy myself.  With the free time I did have, the prospect of sitting down and working on an article for the site just didn’t seem appealing.  I just wanted to really relax for awhile and because of that, I just stopped doing things for the site.

I won’t lie, it felt really great to just unwind for those couple of months and recharge my batteries.  I took the time to plan BioShock Marathon in a more laid back fashion, caught up on a lot of video games that were in my backlog, improved my miniature wargame painting, and hung out more with my friends!

Makes sense?  Why are you starting to post more now?

I watch a lot of stuff on Twitch, just like this guy.Even though I wasn’t working on the site at all, there was a part of me that felt like I was eventually going to come back to it.  The big question became, did I want to go back to what we were doing before, or did I want to change up the format?  All of those specific excuses I had were still there and still very valid.  There just wasn’t a ton of time to work on the site while at the day job, and by the time I got home, ate dinner and ran whatever errands I had, it just didn’t leave a lot of time.  So the format needed to change if I were to start working on the site again, but how so?

I just kept thinking about the name we had for the site.  g33k / watch.  All I could think of was watching people doing geeky things.  Probably meant something that I have spent my last year watching a ton of Twitch.TV, pretty much anything and everything.  I had a three year license to XSplit that I purchased during the marathons, but was now not being used at all.  So why not get my money’s worth and start to livestream more?  Post video content of more geeky endeavors!  It was the perfect idea.

Yet time continued to be an issue.  I just didn’t have the time after work to do such a thing.  I mean, I could, but it’s possible that my wife and dog would hate me forever for ignoring them at night.  I just couldn’t think of any way to make all of it work, so I got frustrated and shelved the idea once again.  It was only until recently that I, seemingly, figured it all out.  I had found a way to change up the content format.

OK so where are you getting this time?

If the dog wakes me up early, I could play video games then!This actually dawned on me about a month ago as our dog Loki got into his new morning routine.  Let it be known that if it weren’t for my dog being a total jerk, then this may not have come about.  So regardless of when he goes to sleep, how tired we get him, or any other factor, Loki wakes up at about 5-5:30 AM and wants to go on a walk.  He will just whine and whine until I give in, wake up, take him on his walk and feed him.  It was really annoying at first (still is sometimes), but I eventually got used to it.

The plus side to this, is that majority of the time, after Loki goes on a walk and eats, he is tired and just goes back to bed.  I don’t have to start heading to work until 7:45 AM so there was a ton of time for me to watching stuff on Twitch, catch up on TV shows, or just go back to sleep and nap.

What if I took that 60-90 minutes that I had before getting ready for work, and livestreamed?  I could do a real quick thing in the morning, have my coffee, and then upload that gameplay up to our YouTube channel so that anyone who missed it could see it afterwards.  It just made too much sense!  I have been spending the last few weeks trying to condition my body to actually get used to this playing schedule and I’m pretty confident that it’s going to work out.

Sounds super exciting!  So what are the content specifics?

You will probably see this mug a lot during my videosRight now my current plan is to livestream from about 6 – 7 AM ET, Monday through Friday.  Then I would stream on either Saturday or Sunday, likely not both, from 6 to 9 AM ET.  If you miss a livestream, then check the YouTube channel later that night or the next day for whatever episode you missed.  Livestreams will be featured right on the main page of the website from now on, as you may have noticed.  For all YouTube videos, we’ll have a stand alone article associated with it.  So regardless of how you want to get your content, you’ll get it.

Now of course there could be times when I just wake up in the morning and I need to go back to bed.  It’s very possibly, especially on weekends.  I’m going to try my best to stick to the schedule, but it’s not a guarantee.  None the less, I’m very hopeful about this because it’s something that I love to do, and doesn’t steal time away from any other part of my life.

Woooo!  Anything else planned?

As of right now I personally focusing in on the game play stuff.  There are some other things that I’m hoping to work on but they are a bit further off.  Some of the other ideas that myself and others have had for awhile were:


  • Freaky Fridays – Once a month or so I get together with a few of my friends, we turn the lights down low, and we livestream horror games.  It’s something that we have wanted to do for awhile now, but scheduling can sometimes be supremely difficult.  We’ll have to see, but if that sounds like an idea you want, leaving us a comment saying so might inspire us to work on it!
  • RPGCast – I’m in the process of working on a new pen and paper role-playing adventure, and so I figured I might want to resurrect the RPGCast.  It might start off as a solo cast where I talk about the process of planning your RPGs but still thinking about this one.

While we think of other stuff to do on an occasional basis, our own Mr. Khon is planning on writing up more articles as well as working on a new Podcast between himself and the lovely ladies of Ink & Paint Burlesque.

When’s the next gaming marathon?

The way we used to do gaming marathons with tons of people and months of preparation is dead.  No, seriously, it will never happen again.  It takes way to much time away from our group, and is exceedingly stressful.  It’s something that I will always be proud of but I just can’t do it to the same level again.

That being said, I personally do plan on doing events for Extra Life and Operation Supply Drop.  Those streams will likely only be me taking requests and playing some of my favorite video games.  So not as robust as it used to be, but still something!

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for reading this long ass ramble!  Please leave comments on what you think about all this, or if you have suggestions and / or critiques.

Joseph Valenti

Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves. Connect with me on Google+

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