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Who’s excited that PAX East is only one week away?!  We here at g33kWatch certainly are, and we aim to let you know all about our plans for the huge gaming convention.  Don’t forget that we have our How to Run a Child’s Play Charity Event panel on Friday, April 6th at 1:30 PM in the Wyvern Theatre.  Of course, if you can’t make it to that panel but still want to run into the g33kWatch crew, then look out for the hashtag #OV3R on Twitter.  That is the official hashtag that we are using for PAX East; set a Twitter column for that, and you’ll know where we are and when you can meet up with us.

PAX East aside, there were a lot of interesting topics to discuss this week.  The Hunger Games movie was wildly successful in its first weekend, raising over $200 million worldwide.  Our staff digs into the movie, talking about what parts we liked and didn’t like, as well as how it stacked up to the book. Of course, you can read our Hunger Games 5-on-5 review if you want further insights into our thoughts on the movie.

Our Podcast topics can’t be all lollipops and rainbows, though.  We also talk about the proposed Facebook user protection amendment that was recently shot down in the U.S. House of Representatives. This legislation would have made it illegal for employers to ask job candidates for their Facebook login information–a practice that is supposedly on the rise lately.  It’s currently not illegal for employers to request this information, and some are doing so in order to check the status updates, photos, and everything else in a potential candidate’s account to make an informed hiring decision.  Most of you are probably saying, “Wait…what?!”  No, we’re not making this up–this is an absolutely true story. And while we don’t often like to get political on the show, the government usually doesn’t try to eavesdrop on our social media accounts, either.

Let us know what you think about The Hunger Games, PAX East and employers trying to get all up into your Facebook in the comments section below!  Since we will be at PAX East next week, we will not have a regularly scheduled Podcast up on Friday–but stay tuned for lots of updates from the convention floor.

Also please take a look at This Story about Tashi and Wash.  Help if you can and spread the word.


We had some microphone issues with this episode, but they will be rectified for future Podcasts.

Show Topics By Time

  • Site News WOOOO PAX East! | 00:04:18
  • MoviesOur thoughts on The Hunger Games. What we liked and what we nitpicked | 00:13:12
  • Geek CultureEmployers want my Facebook Password? No Thanks! | 00:47:08
  • Yogi’s LinksTaco-Helicopters, drugs killing cancer, Sony is a jerk and his FACE … ON | 00:58:26
  • Geek CultureGeek Couple going through tough times and needs your help | 01:24:49

How to Run a Child’s Play Charity Event

Friday, April 6, 2012 @ 1:30 PM ET

PAX East – Wyvern Theater

Boston, MA

Panelists Include:

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Yogi’s Links

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  1. Weirdly in Opposite Land, I was talking about The Hunger Games with my mother and she had figured the reason Gale’s name count was so high corralated to Katniss telling Prim NOT to beg for food.

    In a week I will be hunting each one of your down to become the winner of the 2012 Hunger Games!

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