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That is quite the geeky Christmas tree!That is quite the geeky Christmas tree!I was going to spend this entire post talking about a whole host of different topics, but just as I was about to write it, the tragedy in Newton, CT happened.  This Podcast should have been up on Friday, but alas, I just didn’t feel right in posting any content or adding to the noise over social media.  There are a lot of people out there, who had a lot on their mind, and it just didn’t feel right to try and promote a Podcast.

All of us here at g33kWatch send our deepest sympathies and prayers to all those affected by this horrific event.

For this Podcast, which was recorded the day before the Connecticut shooting, we talk about our trip to the Child’s Play Charity Dinner Auction,  the site’s upcoming website content change, and some of the geeky traditions we have during the holidays.  Listen in as Katie talks about how many coats her mother has bought her, the fun for Mr. Khon in not using building instructions, and how I had to keep myself occupied on Christmas Day as a kid.

The upcoming content shift is also going to be important because while it may end up being less content overall, we hope it will be a lot more entertaining.  What can you expect during a particular month?  Glad you asked, here’s a potential breakdown!

  • Monday to Thursday – Video Game Full Play Videos.
    • There will be a different game played each week on a rotating basis as to not get boring.
    • Games will include
      • Darksiders II
      • Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
      • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
      • Far Cry 3
  • Week 1 – Podcast, recorded Thursday and posted Friday / Monday.
  • Week 2 – Role Playing Game session, livecasted on Friday night at about 8 PM.
  • Week 3 – Tabletop Board Game Night, livecasted on Saturday night at about 5 PM.
  • Week 4 – Floater week.  Could be a week off, or plug in a special event.
    • g33k Game Night on XBOX Live
    • Joey & Dan Play Horror Games
    • Video Outtakes from the month
    • Livecasted Paint Night
    • Retro Games with Brendan

As you can see, lots of fun stuff to come!  We even made a Google Calendar that will be updated with our schedule.  Be sure to subscribe to it so you know what is coming up!

After you have listened to the entire Podcast, be sure to leave us a comment with your holiday traditions, along with content ideas that you would like to see from us.  Who knows, it may just end up on the site!


Show Topics By Time

  • Opening RantTalk of Podcast opening lines, Child’s Play Dinner Auction, Seattle and Lo-Fi Life of Pi | 00:00:30
  • g33kWatch WebsiteDiscussion about the proposed content shift for 2013 | 00:32:54
  • Geek CultureWe talk geeky holiday traditions, along with Katie’s Mom and her love of coats | 00:57:20

Our Geeky Tree

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Joseph Valenti

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  1. It’s a soda. Now stop fucking dropping it.

    *steps onto soap box*

    And Katie, you or someone will need to explain make up to me at some point. I was really hoping you were going to say you didn’t wear make up almost ever because you were the one chick on the planet that saw make up for what it was – a lie and form of dehumanization, invented (I’m guessing) by men a long time ago but continued by women now that implies that women are inherently ugly and need to mask their true appearance to “appear” but never “be” attractive. But at least you not wearing it a lot is a step in the right direction. Joey and Yogi looked bad-fucking-ass and James-Bond-gorgeous in those Child’s Play pictures, and (correct me if I’m wrong) they didn’t doll themselves up by putting a bunch of shit on their face. You looking great in those Child’s Play dinner pictures – and all of you g33k gals looking great in any goddamn pictures – has nothing to do with makeup, and you certainly don’t need it to justify speaking to Wil “The Site Breaker” Wheaton or anyone else for that matter.

    *steps off of soap box*

  2. The closing music is so good. Classy and sexy. I like it.

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