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You can blame Super Mario Bros for ruining video game movies IMOWelcome back to the Podcast!

With the upcoming 25 year anniversary of Metal Gear there has been some increased buzz about how Avi Arad, famed comic producer who helped get X-Men, Spider Man, and other great comic book series turned into movies, will be doing the same with Metal Gear Solid.  This is not the first time we are hearing something along these lines though.  Almost every recent video game franchise has been optioned by some studio, just in case they want to go ahead and make a movie out of it.  That doesn’t mean that a movie is going to immediately get made, but the option is there.

Forgetting about the dumb sequel, the first Mortal Kombat movie was pretty damn goodIn the past we have spent a lot of time talking about things like Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Bioshock, and other fan favorite games being turned into a movie.  There was even a San Diego Comic Con panel about how Sam Raimi was going to create the film version of World of Warcraft.  Nothing has really come of that though and this week Mr. Khon and I talk about it in very practical terms.  The bottom line is, to do a video game movie correctly is a huge money investment with a equally large amount of risk associated with it.  We aren’t that far off from the Super Mario Bros debacle.

The only way that we can go ahead and get a video game turned into a movie, would be for one studio to take the plunge and produce a film, and then have it be uber successful.  If that happens, then you’ll see a flood of video game themed movies.  In the end, it would most mirror the almost overnight success of comic book movies.  Spider Man and X-Men were big hits, and then every studio checked their archives to see what they had optioned and just rushed out a movie to cash in.  We discuss how that is likely to happen again, and even speculate on what video game we think will succeed to make that happen.

666 Park Avenue is not going to be good, but have to support our boy Terry O'QuinnFrom there, our little geeky duo talk about the upcoming television season and how there is just no interesting new shows being made for this year.  A lot of the shows that we are going to feel comfortable with supporting are ones that survived the last two seasons.  Even that being said though, we go through some of the series going into their second or third season that you may want to pay attention to, and the few shows that we will watch.  Some of them we’ll watch, even though we know they are going to be horrendous.

We then finish up with some thoughts on how popular and successful the recent batch of eSports tournaments were at PAX Prime and discuss some of the fun things we would love to see from competitive gaming to get that casual audience in.  All in all, a pretty successful week with a lot of requests for listener comments.  So give the episode a listen, and be sure to leave comments on all the different questions posed.


Show Topics By Time

  • RantWhat kept us busy for August and recent articles | 00:01:20
  • MoviesWhy are video game movies having issues getting made? | 00:19:38
  • Geek Culture New Television season, highlights & lowlights | 00:39:05
  • Video Games eSports inventing new ways for viewing and venues | 01:19:40

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  1. I saw the Last Resort pilot a few months ago, and they may have changed it, but I actually liked it. It’s not high drama, but it’s got a solid cast and I’m hoping Shawn Ryan can give me something to fill the gaping hole in my heart The Unit getting cancelled left, but I doubt it. It’s probably going to suffer from the same pitfall The Unit fell into in the end, trying to appeal to too many demographics, instead of just doing the military/action drama thing well.

    • Yeah I think the big question we had was just, “How is this not one season?” We could be proved wrong, but it just seems more like a movie or a mini-series idea instead of a TV series.

      • Yeah, I think that it would probably be more well-suited to a mini-series, but they set up enough characters and factions, for lack of a better word, that they could potentially keep it interesting for 20-something episodes. If anything, there’s a little too much going on. But honestly, I’m a sucker for Robert Patrick, so I’ll give it a few episodes anyway.

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