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No major Dark Knight Rises talk this weekWithThe Dark Knight Rises opening this weekend, it would be very easy for us to talk about it at great length.  We don’t want to do that though, because:

  1. Most, if not all of our fans are going to go see the movie this weekend regardless of what we say.
  2. If you are not seeing it this weekend, you are probably going to see it soon.
  3. We have a review up on the site that tells you just how good Mr. Khon thought it was.
  4. Above all else, before we talk about it we want to give everyone time to go see it on their own terms so that we can have a very good and lively discussion about it.

It was with all of that in mind that we decided to choose a few different topics of conversation.  At the top of the Podcast, something that was not even on our list but became a major talking point, was the news that Fred Willard got caught in a porno theatre pulling a Pee-Wee Herman.  How is that still a thing that people do?  I for one had assumed that these kinds of theatres were extinct.  Yet here we are, more than a decade after the Pee-Wee incident and this is coming up again.  The thing that Fred Willard has going for him is that he’s not a huge acting star, and he isn’t currently a kids show icon.  He’s going to be fine and probably not have any major repercussions because of this, but still.  With all the porn that is on the Internet, just stay in your house buddy.

Tesla vs EdisonJumping into movies, while we didn’t want to talk about Batman, we did want to get Christian Bale into the discussion.  There is currently a report going around that there will be a Tesla and Edison movie coming out, where Christian Bale and Nicolas Cage will be playing the respective electrical geniuses.  That got us to thinking: Who would win in a fight?  We tried to go with this in two different thought processes, both who would win between Tesla and Edison, and also who would win if the two actors would square off against each other.  Our findings, are that you can’t beat crazy.  That’s it, listen to the Podcast to find out more.

With the recent announcement that Electronics Arts has laid off a ton of employees at the Bioware Austin studio.  This is of course the studio responsible for Star Wars: The Old Republic which is a good MMO, but is suffering from dwindling membership and is already threatening to go fully free-to-play.  Is there a major issue with the current state of MMO games?  It seems like the only successful membership games that are still going strong are World of Warcraft and EVE Online, whereas everything else has had to quickly transition to a model that is reliant on micro-transactions.  We try and explore the idea that MMO’s as a genre might be stale, and what it would take for a new MMO to be successful.

Please give us a club membership plan to movie theatres.  It would be awesomeWe had meant to end the Podcast at that point, but we started discussing an interesting tangent.  The movie industry could use some change in the future, and we talk about the potential for a movie theatre club membership idea.  Pay a flat fee for the entire year, and go see as many movies as you want.  Would that work?  Would that be something that would get you out to the theatre more often?

As always, please leave us comments on what you think about these particular topics and we’ll try and respond to them.  Until next week!


Show Topics By Time

  • Katie’s RantReally Fred Willard? | 00:01:09
  • New Site Sponsors Idea? We could put your face on the website! | 00:08:03
  • Movies Nicolas Cage as Edison and Christian Bale as Tesla.  Who wins in a fight? | 00:12:10
  • Video Games What is happening to the MMO genre? | 00:22:48
  • Movies The idea of a club membership could be a great boon to the movie industry | 00:56:58
  • Yogi’s Links Just a mini version this week | 01:23:28


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One Comment:

  1. More propaganda from the Cage camp?! Bale wins a fight over Cage, hands down. Even Machinist Bale. You can’t fight crazy, but you don’t really have to. Crazy tends to fizzle itself out. Cage runs around screaming, “I’M A FIGHTER, I’M A FIGHTER!” and flailing around monkey style. Bale just watches until he tires himself out, then throws a haymaker and knocks crazyboy out cold. Winner and still champion, Christian effing Bale.

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