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The sale of THQ went through and we're sad to see it goWe start off 2013 with some sad news, and some confusing news.  In the case of THQ, we are very sad to see them have to go through bankruptcy this past week.  The process saw many different intellectual properties and studios being sold off to different companies and publishers.  It was obviously very sad to see people lose jobs, but it was also interesting.  It was interesting to see what companies tried to get new properties and who didn’t.  We had an idea on who would be involved in the bidding process, and many of those companies just didn’t participate.  We’re happy that most of the game developers will stay in business.  Any developers that didn’t get picked up, we are really sorry to see that and we hope that the employees can bounce back soon.

Commence your JJ Abrams lens flare jokes!Meanwhile, the rumor that JJ Abrams was being signed to be the next director for Star Wars Episode VII hit a fever pitch and was confirmed by many different outlets.  So it looks like the director who resurrected Star Trek will be in charge of the next great space opera trilogy.  We discuss this because it’s obviously important, and it brings about a lot of odd questions.  Is it a good thing for a director to have the two premiere Sci-Fi space dramas?  What will be the storyline for the next Star Wars movies?  Are they going to make a film version of an extended universe novel

In between all of this, we also talk about our dream cars, how awesome PAX East is, our PAX panel and much more!  As always, please leave us a comment with what you think about our various topics.


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