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Remember that time we posted an article about Master Swordsman Bob Anderson, and the entire site crashed because of how awesome it was?  That definitely happened this week.

But the site explosion was one of many exciting events to occur since last we podcasted. Our cameo appearance on the web series CASTERS went live this week as well, which you can check out below.  We’ve also been hard at work finishing up reviews of Syndicate, SSX, and a little game called Mass Effect 3.

Suffice to say, it has been an awesomely busy week, giving us lots to talk about.  In addition to everything outlined above, we also delve into the impending lawsuit between Blizzard and Valve over DOTA 2, our thoughts on the politics of the 2012 Academy Awards, and the insane spotlight that fell on the Fighting Game community after one of their players made some rather insensitive remarks.  Give it a listen and leave us your comments!


Show Topics By Time

  • Site NewsBob Anderson article breaks site, g33kWatch guest stars on CASTERS | 00:03:19
  • Games Mass Effect 3 early impressions | 00:15:48
  • Games Blizzard sues Valve over DOTA 2 | 00:28:09
  • MoviesThis year’s Oscars and the inherent politics | 00:48:11
  • Geek CultureFighting Game Community takes heat for player’s vulgar remarks | 01:05:38
  • Yogi’s LinksGoogle Goggles, Cupcake ATMs, New SNES Games, Railguns and more | 01:34:04

g33kWatch on CASTERS

Yogi’s Links

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  1. Jamie Lee Curtis > Sigourney Weaver.

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