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The new PS4 controllers looks familiar, but with some interesting changesWe have known for awhile now that Microsoft and Sony have both been working on their next generation consoles.  That at some point soon, they were going to have to reveal what they had in store for the Playstation 4 and the XBOX 720 or whatever the hell they wanted to call these new things.  Finally, last week, we got our first glimpse into that future.  Sony came out during a private New York City event, to tell the world about what they are working on for the Playstation 4, and how they are aiming for it to come out onto shelves during Holiday 2013.

The actual announcement of the console wasn’t a shock.  To be fair, some of the specs that they talked about weren’t a shock either.  If you pay any attention to this sort of thing, you probably knew that Sony was ditching the CELL processor and moving towards a more Personal Computer friendly infrastructure.  What was shocking, at least to me, was just how much they showed and how apologetic they were about the failures of PS3.  They know that the CELL processor made it difficult to program for PS3, and Sony went out of their way in this event to beg developers to come back.  They know their online just wasn’t up to snuff, so they rebuilt the entire system from the ground up.  They are even opening up the entire system and allowing indie developers to self-published on the PS4.

You can't explain that ...All of this sounds great, and while the presentation was good, it doesn’t mean that the world is ready to jump back on the Playstation bandwagon.  There were many mistakes made on the PS3, and some promises aren’t just going to wash all of that away.  While the apologetic and underdog tone was good to see from a company that never does something like that, we’ll still need to see more from them.  That being said, I came away impressed enough to get excited for new consoles.

While we spend a huge amount of time talking about that, it was also Oscar time, so Mr. Khon helps us weed through the winners and discuss why some of the were surprises, and others were not.  In addition, we talk about the real issue that is going on with the Special Effects Community, and how they are being overworked, not being paid, and in some cases going out of business.  We cite the specific example of how the special effects company that did the work on Life of Pi, and then those people won a fucking Oscar, are now bankrupt.

Crazy man.  Crazy.


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  1. I switched to watching the PS4 announcement in Spanish, because there were fewer people and the stream was better (and anything I didn’t understand had an infographic to go with it). I’m a little bummed they had David Cage on to talk about old man face, when all I really wanted was to see some Beyond. I love Quantic Dream. I don’t really get the need to see what the system looks like, as long as it’s not the size of a wal or something. All other things being equal, I lean towards the 720 (or whatever they decide to call it- I still call the Kinect Natal sometimes), so I’m really looking forward to see what Microsoft comes back with.

    I am a huge J-Law fangirl. I was pretty much sold after my secret work thing (remind me and I’ll tell you in person), but the Oscars totally put it over the top.

    I’m digging The Following, but I wish there were more James Purefoy. Anyone watching Banshee? It’s wrapping up its first season over the next two weeks, and holy shit, I love this show.

    Drunken podcasting FTW.

    • Glad that you enjoyed the Podcast! Given how much I enjoyed my XBOX this generation, it would seem that most of my friends are going to stick with the XBOX this next-gen. But, I’d be interested to see just what Sony dos to make people come back to their system. Their desire to get back into the lead may be a huge benefit to us!

      J-Law rocks. There, I said it!

      I don’t think anyone around here watches Banshee but can definitely be something to look into. =)

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