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Been awhile since we last did a Podcast, and boy has a lot of stuff happened since then.

Before we go any further, let’s have a moment of silence for famed movie critic Roger Ebert, who died at the age of 70 due to cancer.  He was a really influential man and he will be sorely missed.

PAX East 2013 was much like previous years; A total blastFor the rest of our Podcast this week, we try to talk about a few topic while my new dog Loki attempts to hump people’s legs.  We touch upon our favorite things from PAX East, including some of the games that we played, and the panels that we saw.  This year’s PAX East was fantastic, much as it always is, but there we some quirks that we discuss.  The Expo Hall this year didn’t really have a ton of big studio games in it, with some exceptions.  With next-generation consoles coming out next year, it felt like game publishers just weren’t ready to show off what they were working on.  Perhaps next year when the latest Playstation and XBOX come out, the Expo Hall will once again be full of big budget games trying to convince people they should invest in new console hardware.

While the big budget was perhaps under represented, the indie booths were thriving.  Tons of indie developers got a chance to show off their games to a whole host of gamers who were itching for some new content.  Our panel of three discusses some of the games we saw that surprised us, and how the small booth size for the indies made it difficult to see some of the lesser known games.

Go play Bioshock Infinite.  That is allThe big video game release from last week was Bioshock Infinite and Mr. Khon and myself talk about the game without spoiling anything storywise.  At some point, assuming there is a demand, we can do a SpoilerCast about the game and try and talk out the plot points.  As you can tell from Mr. Khon’s review of the game, he really liked it, and so did I.  We have a very nice conversation, but you probably don’t need to hear from us about how you should be playing it.  If you haven’t bought it yet, you should get on that immediately.

Evil Dead really lives up to the hypeWe finish up the cast talking about the Evil Dead remake, and how it is actually a great spiritual successor to the original 1981 film.  It’s scary, gory, and one hell of a ride that was completely signed off on by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.  If they are happy with this new film, then perhaps you should be too.

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  1. I’m gonna be that guy and say I wouldn’t mind a villain creeping on Nathan Drake. I also thought that whole weird Silva/Bond dynamic was awesome, in Skyfall.

    Haven’t played the new TombRaider, though. I kind of stopped after I realized the game wasn’t about locking butlers in walk-in refrigerators.

    • The new Tomb Raider is really great actually. I would say that any of the weird stuff with Lara and creepiness is pretty short and it’s early in the game. After that though, Lara goes from being a scared girl barely surviving, into a really great and confident character. Well worth playing, and not all that creepy after you play through everything. I think the main issue now is that the hype and press for the game prior to release really focused in on that kind of brutalization of Lara but I’m not seeing it once I’m playing.

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