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It's almost 2015 and time for hoverboards!Just in case you didn’t know, we live in the future.  Sure, we don’t have hoverboards or flying cars, but man do we have some amazing pieces of technology that make our lives more interesting.  This week we got some information on two new things that are going to help us enjoy ourselves.  What happened when they were announced?  People lost their minds, in both good and bad ways!  Mr. Khon and I take time for this week’s Podcast to discuss that phenomenon in more depth.

The iPhone is still a great phone.  I know, I was shocked tooApple and Nintendo, two very successful companies took it upon themselves to tell the world about their upcoming products.  For Apple, it was a long anticipated talk about the new iPhone 5.  The phone is lighter, faster, and has a completely revamped operating system.  Yet people lost their minds and were negative about the entire thing once it was announced!  Can you believe that?  Seems like some people were looking for the iPhone 5 to be more different.  Just goes to show you that you can’t please everyone.  That thought process though just seems to odd to us.  Some people, obviously not all of them, but some are actually angry that the iPhone isn’t going to be significantly different?  What more does the phone need to do for you?  Are we looking for a phone that can answer email, give you driving directions and then also scratch your butt?  I mean we obviously all want that, but no need to get all indignant about it.  Let’s just be happy with what we’re getting, and if you aren’t happy with what the iPhone is going to offer, then you are more than welcome to not buy it or buy something else.  Our guess though is that the iPhone 5 will be a very welcome device for a lot of people out there.

Are you going to buy a WiiU?Then we move to Nintendo, as they position themselves to be the first gaming company to take us into the next era of consoles with the WiiU.  Details were giving out including price, features, and launch games.  Not too surprising that the system will cost $300 for the basic console, and $350 for the console, a game, and a few other pieces.  Games during the launch period had a few surprises with Bayonetta 2 being announced as a console exclusive, but for the most part all of the game rehashes that we heard about before are still there.  The hope, is that the WiiU will have just enough games to tide you over until Summer 2013 when some other heavy hitter games come out.

The big feature that we knew was coming, but was nice to have more information about, was the TVii which will allow you to use the WiiU game pad as a secondary screen for more information during a particular movie or TV show you may be watching.  Apparently this is going to work with all of the North American TV providers, and will have a ton of shows and content providers on board with developing applications for it.  It sounds like a really great thing, and if they are telling the truth with how many options they will offer, the WiiU makes a great initial impression.  Microsoft is trying the same thing with Smart Glass and that also sounded good.  Nintendo is just trying to solidify the idea that they will have all the content no matter where you are located and who provides you with TV.

This initial talk, then spawns off an entire rant about how the next generation of consoles and of gaming is going to be a fun, insane ride.  Take the ride with us, and let us know down in the comments what you think will take place, and what you are excited to see.


Show Topics By Time

  • Opening RantMEM3, Mr. Khon Shows, and just the two of us | 00:00:30
  • Geek CultureThe iPhone 5 is an iPhone.  Therefore it is awesome | 00:11:00
  • Video Games Features of the WiiU, and the future of the next-generation consoles | 00:27:35

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