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Change is a good thing.  It allows us to evolve and eventually improve.  In terms of g33kWatch related change, we want to let you know that it is coming.  There have been updates to the black navigation bar at the top, the color navigation above, and now we are making some editing tweaks to the Podcast.  We want to strike the balance of continuing to entertain our wonderful and established fan base while, at the same time, being accessible to a wider audience.  This Podcast is the first step towards that, and we certainly welcome your opinion on the changes down below in our Comments section.

First up on the Podcast this week, we tackle the controversy surrounding BioWare and Electronic Arts’ decision to offer paid Day 1 DLC for Mass Effect 3.  We discuss the pros and cons from both the business side and the customer side, the idea of gamer entitlement, and the slippery slope that this could eventually lead to.  Definitely a thought-provoking topic, with a lot of room for discussion!

Up next in the queue is our discussion revolving around the Oscar Voter Demographics that were released by the LA Times this past week.  Some of the revelations held within are ideas that we had speculated about, but having concrete numbers in front of us is both fascinating and illuminating.

Rounding out the Podcast, we answer questions from the fans about: suggestions for good Board Games; how much time we plan on sinking into Mass Effect 3 when it comes out; and the ever-popular Yogi’s Links, which showcase some of the best and worst geeky links from around the internet.

Enjoy the Podcast–and let us know who you would cast in a Stretch Armstrong movie!


Show Topics By Time

  • Games Mass Effect 3, Day 1 DLC | 00:04:13
  • MoviesTransformers 4 and Oscar Voter Demographics | 00:27:04
  • TabletopBoard Game suggestions for 2-3 Players | 00:47:47
  • Geek CultureQuestion: How much time have you taken off in anticipation of Mass Effect 3? | 00:57:14
  • Yogi’s LinksStretch Armstong Movie, Community coming back, George Lucas BS and more | 01:06:40

Board Game Suggestions

Yogi’s Links

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  1. So I am by far not the person whos opinion should be used to organize a show but the thing I really listen for is the ridiculousness. Its about hanging out and laughing with y’all since I can’t actually do that most of the time. I am right at the beginning of the show right now so I will reserve my full opinion until I am writing comments from the end 🙂

    I will try not to rant about the mass effect DLC since I pretty much shared my opinion on twitter already. I still think its super important to judge a game by its base price and what that includes and then judge the DLC separately. Ask yourself this, if all of the missions included in the game and the current day 1 DLC were included in the price but they came up with a new day one DLC would we be having the same discussion? I think arguing against day one DLC just because its day one is just a bad argument since it never takes into account the value you are getting with the game or the value of the DLC but instead sounds whiney and entitled. I think we should hold companies to making complete games out of box and having excellent dlc that adds to the story. We will see what the content of the mission is and how “required” but everything I’ve heard says that this is cool background that we all really want but its not part of the storyline of ME3.

    I am always impressed by your passion for movies because I just can’t find any passion for the subject. I love watching good movies but the politics of the academy don’t matter one bit to me. I am fine with rich elites deciding which movies to laud. I don’t really listen to them. The gender inequality surprises me though, I wish that could change. The fact that they tend to be old makes sense in a way, it doesn’t make them better voters for awards, but its probably fine that the longer you have been around the more likely you are to be in the academy.

    Reborn was asking for games that didn’t have too much complexity. Munchkin might not fit. I have found that some people get confused that every different card may have its own special rule. It usually takes them 3 or 4 games to feel comfortable. Zombie dice is a total win for new groups and even better its a good game to play while having conversations because you don’t really need to concentrate the entire game. A cool card game that is for 2 to 4 people is bottle imp. Its got really easy rules but coming up with a strategy is going to take forever.

    Um, I got distracted during the rest of the podcast and only caught bits and pieces, stupid work, so I don’t really have comments for that.

  2. I finally synched my phone with my car so I could listen to the podcast. SO GREAT. It’s like having all of g33kwatch in my car, except you all fit and no one’s accidentally groping each other trying to buckle seatbelts.

    I’m fairly unbothered by Day One DLC. If I had gotten the Collector’s Edition like I wanted, I’d have essentially been buying it anyway. I’ve seen some of the spoilers, at least as far as who the additional character is, and it while it is cool, it doesn’t necessarily seem like buying integral story content. Like Malfunct mentioned, I figure the game minus the DLC will still be worth the $60.

    I work weekends, so I have Tuesday/Wednesday off, and I took off Thursday and Friday the week of ME3, too. Admittedly, I requested the days off back when Max Payne 3 was still on the list of 3/6 releases, figuring I’d split the time, but I’m not going to complain about 4 whole days of Mass Effect.

    I blame old people for pretty much everything, so old people being to blame for Shame and Drive getting shafted is no big surprise.

    The someone-forgot-to-check-the-connections explanation for the FTL neutrinos made me laugh, because I spent an hour on the phone with Verizon tech support yesterday trying to convince the person that, YES, the modem was plugged in. *headdesk*

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