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Good on Christian Bale for visiting victims of the Aurora, CO shootingTechnology people, what a pain in the ass.

In this week’s Podcast we try and tackle a really difficult and troubling topic.  The opening weekend of The Dark Knight Rises was obviously very successful commercially, but it was also stuck in the middle of a great tragedy.  With the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the individuals and families that are affected.

While we definitely don’t want to come across as insensitive, we took this opportunity to talk about what happens after a tragedy like this and what kind of adversity popular media faces.  It is not uncommon for movies, music, TV and even video games to be completely altered or even canceled in the wake of horrific events.  The most recent example of this is the upcoming Warner Bros. movie Gangster Squad.  This take on 1940’s Los Angeles which was slated to come out in September, is now being pushed back to January, because it involved a shootout scene in a movie theater.  Obviously with everything that has just happened in Colorado, that is a sore subject.  Not only has the movie been pushed back, but there is talk now that the entire scene will be taken out and possibly reshot in a different location.  This is definitely not the only example of this ever happening and our crew discusses other examples as well.

If you make good content, you have a greater chance of being noticed now!From there we decide to discuss something a bit less grim.  There has been an influx of geeky websites that are not only becoming successful, but are also able to bring in people from other sites so that they can be featured.  The three examples we have are sites like Penny Arcade, Nerdist, and Geek & Sundry.  All of these sites have very accomplished people behind the scenes who are well respected in the community, but are also being bankrolled by larger companies that are willing to give them the budget they need.  That budget is allowing smaller websites that have very good segments, an opportunity to be featured on these geeky content centers and make a name for themselves.  How cool is that?!  Pretty cool my friends, pretty cool.

Oh yeah and Zynga is hemmoraging money and is blaming Facebook in the process.  Wow.  All this and much more on this week’s Podcast!


Show Topics By Time

  • Geek Culture – Google Fiber discussion | 00:01:35
  • Geek Culture How media can be changed or lost due to overwhelming tragedy | 00:12:05
  • Geek Culture  Talking about how great geeky websites are now getting a chance to shine | 00:31:10
  • Video Games Zynga stock plummets | 01:00:20
  • Yogi’s Links Buckeyballs, YouTube Trolls, The Munsters and more | 01:16:47

Yogi’s Links

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