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38 Studios going under is a sad story in every aspectUsually we talk about video games on the Podcast.  It’s not a new trend by any stretch.  Yet when we talk about gaming, it’s usually in the context of what new game has been announced, or whether or not a particular gaming experience is good or not.  This time though, we delve into how organizations are run and recent litigation that involves the industry as a whole.

The recent news that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning developer 38 Studios had to lay off their entire staff was terrible enough.  The stories and news didn’t stop there though, and unfortunately the entire situation was far worse than anyone had feared.  We discuss just how bad it is, and speculate on how it got to that point to begin with.  Not wanting to be left out of the craziness that is gaming news though, we also discuss the judgement in the case between Silicon Knights vs Epic, and Activision paying off former Call of Duty innovators West & Zampella.  How did we get to the point where Silicon Knights thought it was a good idea to sue one of the biggest game engine makers in the world?  Did they really think they could win?  Just how much money has Call of Duty made, and how much money in bonuses were upper management due?  These are only some of the questions we ask and then speculate on this week.

Men in Black 3 was just one of the movies we were excited to see this summerFinally, we finish up with movie talk as we continue to be surprised just how interesting the 2012 year is for new films.  Katie and Joey talk over how much fun Men in Black 3 was, and also discuss how they will be pretty much living at the movies for the next few months.  Mr. Khon jumps in as well, giving us a list of all the upcoming movies and tries to gauge our excitement level for each.

You can of course play the same game, with giving us your movie excitement levels, and your thoughts on gaming industry litigation, down in the comments below.  So get to it, we want to hear more from you!


Show Topics By Time

  • Tangential Rant Batman Bowling, bringing your friends to fame & Chris Hardwick give us a job | 00:00:45
  • MEM2.5 Thanks Thanks to everyone who watched, spread the word and donated! | 00:07:13
  • Games Discussion about the abrupt closing of 38 Studios | 00:13:38
  • Games Silicon Knights sues Epic Games, loses, and now owes money they don’t have | 00:37:09
  • Games Former Call of Duty creators West & Zampella get paid off by Activision| 00:52:40
  • MoviesMen in Black 3 impressions.  Overall, it was a fun movie. | 01:11:52
  • MoviesWhat movies that are coming out this year are we psyched for? | 01:32:06

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  1. I’m all in for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and The Dark Knight Rises, of course.

    Rock of Ages… *sigh* I think they might be doing the right thing by casting virtual unknowns as Drew and Sherrie, but the rest is the cast is just completely cringe-worthy on paper (except for Constantine Maroulis, of course). I’ll probably see it, but… meh. Katie, if you need a movie buddy, let me know. 😛

    Am I the only one in the world not super excited about Brave? I don’t know… it’s just not my thing. Magic Mike, though? Hell yeah! Channing Tatum’s on the second tier on Eco’s Hierarchy of Awesome Actors, but he usually merits a theater viewing. Shit, I saw Dear John (*blocks moon out with thumb*) on the big screen.

    I freaking love Jeremy Renner, so The Bourne Legacy is a no-brainer. And I was sold on Total Recall at NYCC. Looper, Argo, and Skyfall are also on the must-see list. Everything else is kind of on the fringe.

    I’m super-stoked for Syrup (based on one of my favorite books), but that doesn’t seem to have an official release date yet. READ MORE MAX BARRY, GUYS! Matthew Vaughn just ponied up his own cash to option Max’s upcoming novel Lexicon. SHIT JUST GOT REAL. Also, Max is like the nicest guy ever. /fangirlsqueeeeee

    And for my random indie thing I’m excited for, there’s Ghosts With Shit Jobs.

  2. I wasn’t sold on MIB3, I heard good things about Brolin, but not enough to warrant a visit. Maybe when it comes out to download.

    I’m aslo not super-excited for Brave, the trailer is much like a trailer. “If you had the chance to change your fate….would you?” WELL OBVIOUSLY I WOULD LITTLE RED HAIRED PRINCESS WITH BOW AND ARROW! GET OFF MY BACK! I’m sure the film will be nice, but I get so cranky about trailers that try to force a message on me.

    Also I angry tweeted Katie, Katie should know that despite her being of the Villainous Brethren, we do not actually trust one another. She revealed an achilles heel in the podcast, how delightful.

    Prometheus came out last week for us, so I won’t mention much more about it. Do enjoy it though.

    Also why do I feel need to bring a tight-fitting helmet in November?

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