g33kWatch Podcast – The Paranormal Tron Legacy Activity of Star Trek Horror

Seriously, how great is that title?  I thought I was really clever there.  It sounds like a really epic novel of geekiness.

As you could probably tell from the title, we covered a lot in this week’s podcast with our great friend Mr. Khon.  While he was sick last week, our other two friends MZ and Pedro were not feeling well this week so we went back to a duo cast.  We’re looking forward to next week and getting the band back together.

We preview the new Tron: Legacy movie and get excited for the National Tron Night that is taking place TONIGHT! (October 28, 2010), and we hope that we get to see the entire movie.  Mr. K also talks about the Tron viral marketing Alternative Reality Game and what he thinks Disney needs to do to really push the movie over the top with old and potentially new fans.

Mr. K tells us about how good, and how scary Paranormal Activity and it’s recently released sequel is.  Also a small teaser about the potential for a Japanese take on the original movie.

From there, we do our now weekly updates on Batman and Superman movies from the Christopher Nolan camp.  To be fair, there just has been a lot of info about those two movies, and we’re really excited is all.  Plus, we can expect lots of updates as Warner Bros has to get Superman done so that they don’t lose the rights to the superhero.

Small Star Trek update for our great friend Mr. Manaleak where there are rumors going around about the involvement of Klingons in the sequel.

The last bit we talk about in honor of Halloween, are our favorite horror movies and the movies that scared us the most.  Pretty self explanatory, but before that we talk about the rumors of the PlayStation Phone coming from Sony.  We don’t know how to feel about it, but it’s interesting none the less.  Check out the image below for what it could potentially look like.

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  2. Thanks for the Star Trek shoutout! Another solid cast, but I miss my Pedro…

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