g33kWatch Podcast – We Debate the Oscars … As Our Favorite Video Game Characters!

When you Podcast for a long time, you quickly realize something that is strange.  The more you plan out a Podcast, and the more specific topics that you know you are going to talk about, the shorter your discussions go on.  When you strongly believe that you have nothing to talk about, and just wing it … that’s when you get really long Podcasts like the one you are about to listen to.  All we had on our list was Intro, Sponsor, Recent Articles, Oscars, Video Game Characters, Links.  That’s it, that’s pretty much nothing.  What that turned into though, was 2.5 hours of awesome Podcast.  Prepare yourself, you may not be prepared.

The Oscars really take up a lot of our time, and for us this will pretty much be the last you hear about it until we are just about to have the actual award show.  We discuss who got nominated, and some of the surprises, including the fact that Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close got so many nominations enough though it’s apparently not a very good movie.  It has the trappings and feelings of a movie that was made to be a little controversial since it’s about 9/11 and that it was used as Oscar-bait.  We debate that, and also talk about what the odds are that Clooney final wins a Best Actor award, and how overall this was a very safe year for nominations.

Once we mop that up, we then go into a little bit of Roleplay.  Not about RPG’s, but instead a simple question that turns into a much bigger thing.  If you could become any Video Game Character, who would you be and why?  It seems like a situation where our panel of Podcasters would simply find a character from their favorite game and go with that.  Yet that is not how it goes, and we pull out some surprising picks.  That being said, what character would you want to be?  Answer in the comments below!

Finishing up we have our ever popular Yogi’s Links section that continues to get more air time, and even more interesting each and every week.  Perhaps we should just do an entire show that is Yogi’s Links.  What do you people at home think?

Finally don’t forget that tonight, Friday January 27th at 7 PM ET, we’ll be playing Assassin’s Creed Revelations on XBOX Live.  Send a friend request to Crimson Sundown and we’ll get you in there.  Should be fun so we hope that you’ll join us!  If you want to RSVP via Facebook, then do it.


Show Notes / Yogi’s Links

Joseph Valenti

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  1. I took notes this time! I’ve long since given up on the awards being at all in line with my tastes, but I always get sucked back into them somehow, and this year’s noms are just awful. When Jonah Hill appears on the best of anything list, that list should probably be burned immediately. Shame and Drive got shafted while the heart-string tugging bullshit raked it in. Ugh.

    Regarding The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I disagree that the remake is better. At best I’d say it’s about equal, but as much as I dig Daniel Craig and give a ton of credit to Rooney Mars, I preferred the original cast. And as noted, it was just way too soon for a remake, even with all the great names attached.

    The Giants/Patriots Super Bowl is kind of killing me, because I hate both in equal measure. I think I’m rooting for the Patriots just because I can’t deal with the sheer volume of shit on my social media feeds from Giants fans. And I’ll give Brady some props for keeping the Zombie Bears afloat.

    I think Ezio’s a good choice except for the part where most of his family got murdered, and the absurd amount of time you’d have to spend collecting shit. I don’t know what time you’d have to spend with your hot girlfriend. I’d probably go Shepard, despite that being the obvious pick.

    I am almost as tired if fairy tale bullshit as I am of remakes in general. The original Beauty and the Beast tv show scared the shit out of me, and I couldn’t watch anything with Ron Perlman in it for a really long time, but now, having developed an appreciation for his work (just not THAT), ugh… why remake that?

    I want to go to Hellboy camp. Maybe I can, like, temporarily adopt a kid and send them so I can live vicariously through them?

    Ghost Rider 2 is going to be terrible, but look great, I think. The sheer number of shots they got on rollerblades and through other extreme sports looking techniques is crazy. The directors are awesome, and as much as Crank 2 rubbed me the wrong way, they are balls-to-the-wall into what they do, and they are serious Cage fanboys, which is… disturbing.

    • Thanks for listening to everything and taking notes Eco!

      Ghost Rider 2 was no where near on my list for something I wanted to go watch at the theaters. Sure, I like bad Nicolas Cage movies, but even Ghost Rider was too much for me. Yet, after I watched the behind the scenes videos of the two directors working on this, that really made me want to see it. They had so much enthusiasm for the project, and the amazing shots that they get while roller skating after motorcycles and doing crazy stunts WITH the stuntmen was super cool.

      Ezio does have a rough life, no doubt. Yet I just like his style, great ability for badassery, and that he fights for a just cause. Well, as just as the Assassin’s Creed universe can get.

      There are some odd Oscar picks this year and I didn’t really notice it until we did this Podcast. Man, talk about a safe year. Nothing interesting or controversial.

      I don’t know if the new Dragon Tattoo movie is better than the original (haven’t seen that one) but I really liked what Fincher did. I know I have said that I am a Fincher fanboi, but still, I think it was very well done and was slightly surprised that they didn’t get much buzz, not even in the music section where i thought that Trent & Atticus would get another nomination.

    • In regards to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo I don’t want to diminish the original’s quality and impact on me personally. I thought it was an incredible film but even if all things are equal… the soundtrack and directing are better in the remake. That’s just because Rezner/Ross and Fincher are some of the best at what they do anywhere in the world. If you want to wash the performances (Craig vs Blomkvist, Mara vs Rapace) as equal I think that is a fair argument at least but to me those other elements cannot be ignored.

  2. One concern I’ve had with ragequitrelief is the St. Johns Wart which is contraindicated if a person has certain medical issues and/or takes certain medications not that I know which. I think it would be a huge public service if ragequitrelief were to have a nice page with ingredients linked off to one of the respected medical resources to provide contraindications and drug interaction information. It really does give a boost and keeps me awake and alert when I use it but as with every suppliment like this there are risks and I think people should get as much info as possible.

    Y’all are funny. You can keep denying it Katie but it won’t change the truth.

    I hate the memorial type status updates on facebook. It bugs me that people often think they are making a real difference by posting to facebook. Bleh.

    Sounds like Mr Khon gets excited when talking about movies, he was banging tables 🙂 I have tried to think of what I might want in the Oscars this year and realized I haven’t watched any Oscar worthy movies in the last year and I don’t think I care.

    As far as the game sharing tech I am willing to bet (no inside knowledge or anything) that the same “machine licence + account licence” policy will apply so every account on the original machine will get to play or the account that first played will get to play on any machine. That said whatever they do needs to lower the value of 2nd hand game without ruining it. Also whatever bits get turned off when shared needs to be purchasable for a reasonable price if you aren’t the original owner. My thoughts are that game companies need to figure out how to extract some money out of the used market rather than kill the used market.

    My thoughts on Microsoft points vs real money is that it doesn’t much matter what the units are. In the end if they go to real money there will be a system where you can’t spend money in increments smaller than 5 dollars because merchant fees on credit transactions eat too much of transactions smaller than that.

    Your talk about the lego minecraft sets made me wonder what they might be like. I think they seem to be a fairly good idea. They are theme specific while at the same time being 100% standard bricks so you could build anything with them. The only theme specific attributes of the bricks included is the color. Seems like a really good time.

    I am totally on board with donating the cord blood but I don’t think banking it for yourself or your own family is a good idea. If everyone donated there would be cord blood available when it was needed but if everyone banks it there is a TON of money spent and that cord blood is not usable by a person that needs it. It seems selfish and wasteful.

    Thanks again for the podcast. Be well 🙂

    • Thanks for continuing to support us Malfunct, we’re really lucky to have so many great fans like you. =)

      I’ll send along those concerns you have about RageQuit to Dave who is in charge of the company and I’ll try and get an answer back to you ASAP. Thanks for letting us know about that.

      That’s an interesting take on the possibility of next XBOX tech to limit used games. That could be cool. I buy all of my games new 99% of the time (whenever it’s possible) so it doesn’t affect me, but I do realize that I am not the usual demographic.

      I think if everyone donated cord blood like you suggested, you are absolutely right, it would be very good and everyone would have something necessary. Something like, if you donate, then you can get access to it for something you need.

      Thanks for the comment, you rock! =)

    • I do indeed love discussing movies but I’ll try to refrain from hitting the table anymore while doing so. No promises.

    • Hey malfunct,

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      Thanks for your feedback! We are always looking for ways to serve our customer better.

      All the best,
      – RageQuit Relief

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