g33kWatch Podcast – Video Game Earnings, Mass Effect 3, and We Got a Panel!

Holy crap, we actually got a Podcast posted on a Friday like we are supposed to.  What a novel idea!

Seriously though, we’re happy to be back on a normal schedule.  I want to take this time to apologize for the recent sporadic updates of some of our articles and sections.  I should, should, be going back to normal in the very near future.  As of last week my family held a party / celebration of my Dad’s life with all of our family and friends coming over to share stories and just remember the good times of my father.  It was very cathartic and something that went over very well.  Because of it though I kind of zoned out from all sort of other things, most notably the g33kWatch site.  I want to thank you all for being so patient and supporative during this time, and for not calling me out when shit on the site is out of wack.  Hopefully I can be a little bit better with that in the coming months.  Probably not but hey, gotta strive for something!  =)

This week we didn’t really have much to talk about, so we decided to only have a 90 minute Podcast.  There are many tangents to discuss obviously, like the death of Whitney Houston, the personality of Peyton and Eli Manning, and Mr. Khon trying to write screenplays and struggling.  Those are some fun tangents, but we do talk about PAX East and the fact that we have a panel!  We get to tell people how to run a Child’s Play Charity Event.  Almost like we are semi-authorities on the subject for some weird reason!  Super cool!  All the information on where you can see us is down in the show notes so go check it out.

From there, we delve into Mass Effect 3 demo.  Thanks to the amazing BioWare Community Manager Jessica Merizan, we were able to get into the demo early.  I didn’t write up a review / impressions of the demo because #1 It’s a demo that is full of spoilers and I don’t want to be that guy, and #2 I wasn’t really able to get a lot of multiplayer action in because there weren’t a lot of people in that early.  Now that the multiplayer is out for everyone, I gladly talk about what is awesome about the demo on the Podcast.  As per usual, I don’t talk too much about Story related things because I don’t want to spoil it for people and also who knows if BioWare is showing us everything.  There may be some story cuts in there and I just don’t want to assume too much.  On the multiplayer side of thigns though, holy crap this game is awesome.  It really does that great job of giving a Gears of War Horde Mode, but giving you random objectives each round that never allow you to get comfortable.  You are constantly working on a new task and you need a really coordinated team to get through some of the challenges.  Add on top of that a great leveling system that is pulled directly of the Single Player game, and a trading card game-esque system where you get random equipment upgrades after each mission, and you have a really engaging system.  If you haven’t played the multiplayer yet, you really should.  Find me on XBOX Live under Crimson Sundown and we’ll play some matches!

After that we dive into some video game earning calls that have happened the last few months.  We talk about the bad (Nintendo), the good (Ubisoft) and the worst (THQ) and how all of these earnings may affect what you are playing in the near future.

As always if you have any comments please feel free to leave them down below in the appropriate fields.  To all those of you who respond to us as the Podcast goes along, that’s great, but please write up your full post in Notepad first, and then copy and paste it into the comments.  I don’t want you to lose all of your writing because the browser craps out on you.  =)


Show Notes

How to Run a Child’s Play Charity Event

Friday, April 6, 2012 @ 1:30 PM ET
PAX East – Wyvern Theater
Boston, MA

Panelists Include:

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  1. The whole Manning family has derpface.

    Lowering the flags for a crackhead who just happened to be from the state lessens its significance when its done for someone of ACTUAL merit, like a soldier or an officer who dies in the line of duty. It pissed me off when they did it for the E-Street guy, it pisses me off when they do it for random retired assemblymen, and doing it for a crackhead pisses me off more than most things. /soapbox

    John Dies at the End is AWESOME! You’re still fake, though, Mr. K. 😛

    PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX! That’s all that needs to be said. Or screamed. Or typed. Whatevs. Bro-nie sundae. That’s all I’m saying. I might pop over to Anime Boston at some point. My friend has a panel over there… but… PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!

    I’m dogsitting and didn’t pack the 360 so I am tragically behind on the Mass Effect demo goodness, but I took that whole week off to play it in March, so I’ll make up the time.

    DUDE, I loved This Means War. I’m also a girl geek, and the draw of Kirk/Bane is just too much, so take this all with a grain of salt. I try to avoid reading reviews until after seeing something, so I was kind of amazed it got trashed as much as it did. It’s certainly not Oscar fodder (OR IS IT?!), but it’s fun and quirky, and more about the bromance than the Reese Witherspoon romance, which is kind of refreshing, and I’m totally OK with it. The Chris Pine/Tom Hardy chemistry carries the movie, because I could take or leave the German-baddies-out-for-revenge sideplot, and, well, Reese Witherspoon, too. And you have to be willing to suspend disbelief as these two CIA agents use every only-on-TV tech gadgets to one-up the other one. So, yeah, I guess it does come with a bunch of caveats, but it’s a fun popcorn movie.

    • I agree with you on Mannings and on Whitney. I can probably say more than that, but not worth it. You captured the entire essence of my argument.

      PAX East is going to be a blast. The panel will be good for us, but we’re just really excited that we don’t need to be running around getting prizes for the Slumber Party. This year we can see the panels that we want to see, and just play lots of games with our fans. Oh and be drunk, that too. =)

      I may very well go out and see This Means War. I know that we made fun of it on a Podcast a few weeks ago, but Katie really seems interested in seeing it. That and I just love Pine / Hardy way too much. I’m glad though that you liked it, that’s a really great vote of confidence for the movie in my opinion. Yeah I trust your judgement, definitely way more than mine. =P

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