g33kWatch Podcast – The Return of the Tangent

It’s the return of the Tanget ladies and gentlemen, g33ks and m33ks alike!  Obviously we have had a lot of things going on as of late and as such we haven’t been as diligent on our Podcast schedule as we should have.  Now though with our MEM2 schedule all laid out, and New York Comic Con behind us, we have a lot more free time to get together on Thursday night and record our dumb asses talking to you about stuff you probably already know about.  It’s just how we roll.  =)

This episode really gets us back to where the origins of the site have always laid, and that is all about the tangents.  this week especially, when we did our note write up on what we wanted to talk about, we only had a few bullet points.  Of course, after a few minutes of recording, we were going nuts being all over the place with our talks deteriorating into things like Opera, TV ratings, Playboy photo shoots, and much much more.  We always want to be an hour long Podcast, but we just have too much fun talking about nerdy things.  Also, all of you out there encourage us to do it so really it’s all your fault.

So when we aren’t talking about things that are not on the schedule, we do find time to talk about The Dark Tower HBO series and how bad of an idea that is.  Mark Hamill and how we are said that he has given up the role of Joker, but there are some conditions in there where he may come back so that’s good.  We also touch on Arkham City video game, how it’s awesome but we have no idea where they go from here.  We round out the episode talking about how damn successful The Walking Dead is, and finally end with everyone’s favorite segment, Yogi’s Links.

Overall it’s a pretty exciting show and we hope you enjoy it.  And now … your show notes.  It doesn’t sound as good as your moment of zen but it will have to do.


Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 1 PM ET – Mass Effect Marathon 2 Tech Day.  Watch our test stream at www.memarathon.com and help us work out all the technical bugs that are sure to pop up.  RSVP on Facebook
  • Monday, October 31, 2011 at 6:30 PM ET – Left 4 Dead 4 Halloween.  Send a friend request on Steam to lunaticjedi and we will be playing Left 4 Dead all night long!  We will play either of the games, and depending on how many people come, we will play Co-Op or Versus.  RSVP on Facebook

Show Notes / Yogi’s Links

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  1. Just a quick comment before I listen: Takashi Miike is the director (also did the likes of Ichi the Killer and Audition), whilst Hiroki Narimiya is playing the role of Phoenix Wright.

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