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Better late than never!  We’re happy to have the second Podcast of 2012 now up on the site.  Man … what a crazy week last week was.

I’m not going to dwell on this, but suffice to say, it should probably be said.  My Dad passed away last week, so therefore updates become quite sporadic.  I personally would like to thank everyone for this kind words and messages that have checked in on me.  Really means a lot, and has definitely helped me get through this tough time.  I couldn’t ask for a better set of friends.  No matter whether I know you in real life, or know you through the Internet, you have all helped me out.  So Thank You!

Other than that though, we have a very jam packed edition of the g33kWatch Podcast this week.  As with anything, we have a few topics that we talk about, and then a great many tangents that we partake in.  We also recorded this Podcast on Friday January 13th so therefore, we immediately tangent on horror movies.  While we debate the merits of the House of Wax remake and Paris Hilton getting speared through the face, we also discuss the great merits of a fantastic movie that more people should watch, The Skeleton Key.  Seriously, go check it out and then go on a trip to New Orleans.  =)

We do then get relatively back on topic as we discuss the latest news that Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is starting to be developed, and this time around they are asking for a lot more playtesting and player feedback.  This might actually be a good thing, because apparently there was a lot of feedback that was given on 4th edition before it came out, and some have said that none of it was addressed.  DnD 4th was a great way to get a new bread and new generation of players into the hobby.  What 5th has to attempt though, is to keep those fans, while also offering up an olive branch to the older generation of fans that felt spurned by a focus on a more “user friendly” type of gameplay.  Not to mention that there are a lot of players out there that are trying out other RPG systems, and Wizards of the Coast simply will not deal with that.  =P

This must be a pretty big issue because Katie read about it on Perez Hilton and TMZ of all places.  Seriously, tabloid sites are now talking about the latest edition of Dungeons and Dragons … I don’t know what to do with my life now.

In other topics, we discuss how Warner Brothers is attempting to fuck over Netflix, doubling their DVD embargo with the company to a staggering 56 Days.  If you want to receive The Dark Knight Rises through Netflix, you will have to wait upwards of 2 months, not including quantity issues, before you will have the chance.  Damn yo.  Speaking of movies though and to take a positive spin on it though, our own Mr. Khon gives us his most anticipated movies of 2012 and we debate whether we as a group are interested in the movie, whether we are going to be renting it, or are we just flat out passing.  Join in on the fun in the comments below!

As always, we really love when you leave comments and Likes on the post, so please do so!  Oh yeah, and Robots For Everyone


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