g33kWatch Podcast – New Journeys, Great Conventions, and Pigs in Space

It has been a very busy March for us.  Before we get into the nitty gritty of the this week’s podcast, I would like to thank everyone who has come to the site for making this the most successful month we have ever had (not counting when BioWare links to us).  In just a straight up, month of traffic, we pulled in amazing numbers.  Thanks to all of our veteran readers, our new readers, and whoever else may be reading this site!

With that now though, this week’s podcast is a fun one.  In it, we talk about the fun stuff we did while at Zenkaikon while being Featured Panelists.  We had an absolute blast hanging out with new found friends, and talking about tons of geeky things!  Our panels went very well and I hope that we will be able to come back to Zenkaikon and other conventions as Feature Panelists or as the ultimate goal … Guests!

The convention itself was a lot of fun and well organized.  It has a ton of space to grow, and congratulations to them for doubling their attendance count from last year.  I think that their panel rooms could get larger in some spots, but overall I think they did a great job.  Would definitely look forward to next year’s convention and we hope to see more of our readership head on out to the convention and cheer us on!

Born out of a growing need to watch Fighting Game Matches on YouTube, the g33kWatch staff is happy to officially announce a brand new initiative.  For the next three months, Joey V, Kung-Fu Joe, MZ and possibly a few more will be training to play Super Street Fighter IV at the officially sanctioned tournament in New Jersey, East Coast Throwdown.  We will be taking video of us practicing and at some point we will have a Rocky montage because it needs to happen.  We may not get good at these games, but it will be funny to watch us get destroyed by a 12 year old during the first match.  =)

Joey V will be training on the PlayStation Network so if you want to help him train, then get the game and find him on PSN.  His login is CrimsonSundown

After that, we talk about the crazy video about a bad robot entitled Blinky.  It’s very well done, very depressing, and then very creepy.  You should watch it, after you listen to our thoughts on it.  We also talk about Dragon Age II and how it grows on you, but it can be a slow burn.

Blinky™ from Ruairi Robinson on Vimeo.

Show Notes

  • Katie V wants you to know about The Oatmeal and their stance on Angry Birds.
  • Joey V said he didn’t have a main picked for Super Street Fighter IV, but he now does.  He will be playing as Juri.
  • Here is your Blinky video.
  • MZ took video of us Podcasting at the end!


Joseph Valenti

Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves. Connect with me on Google+


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  2. Pigs in Spaace!

    Great podcast as usual 🙂

    I’ve been waiting to give my opinion of Dragon Age II on the forums until I beat it since I didn’t like the first one when I first played it. My friend got into DA:O so I gave it another chance and when I put more time into it I started to enjoy it a lot more. I do like Dragon Age II but its not what I was expecting from a sequel and the game has a lot of issues. I’m now on my second full playthrough with 3 acheivements to go on the main game and 4 on the dlc. I’ll share my thoughts in the forum thread when I’m done.

  3. Thanks for continuing to listen and support us Reborn!

    The more time I have put into Dragon Age II, the more I have enjoyed it. I’m still ok with my kind of mid of the road review of it, and if I had to give a score I would probably stick with X-Play’s 3 …. out of 5. That being said I definitely think it has some great stuff to offer, and I could easily see myself play through it two more times just to get all the different dialogue / romance options. Whether or not I have TIME to do that though, seems unlikely. =P

  4. What do YOU mean you people?!

  5. Good news, that movie sounded hella familiar and I know one of my friends knows the title, so I shall have an answer shortly.

  6. Ok, I’m fairly sure the movie is called Event Horizon, It was made in 1997. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119081/

  7. I thought the same thing Soah, but that movie doesn’t involve poisoning or black liquid, just out right torture and other vile acts, but what does set on fire.

    Also it wasn’t the Captain that did the big bads — well not the Captain we follow, you can’t really tell what happened with the Captain of the Event Horizon itself — but another person.

    • I had been thinking Event Horizon as well, but the woman I was talking to said it was a B-Flick, so Horizon immediately got eliminated in my mind. I don’t know, it’s a toughie, that basic plot can be the idea for a ton of different Sci-Fi movies

  8. Am I missing something here….I can’t seem to find the podcast link…

    • Sorry about that Llanowar, I fixed it now. Seems that when I upgraded the podPress plugin that handles that, it cleared ALL of the podcast information that the site has ever had. So now I’m going in and trying to fix it all. =(

      That being said though, you should be able to listen to this particular podcast now no issues.

  9. Thanks Joey V. Listening Now!

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