g33kWatch Podcast – Last News of 2011, For All Eternity!

Forgive me if this post is brief, but I have been working all day on the Day Job, cleaning up the apartment for the g33kWatch Christmas party, supporting Boss Battles Gaming Marathon for Child’s Play Charity, getting a crack in my car’s windshield fixed, and not eating.  It’s been a very productive day, but I have to go run off and drink many drinks with the Gunshow and you say, I’m ever so late.

So what did we talk about this week?  Well we talked about the Dark Knight Rises Prologue footage that Mr. Khon got to see this past week.  We all discuss the craziness that is Howard Stern being on broadcast television.  How Bioware and The Old Republic angered the entire Internet, but how that was a good thing, and of course … the Spike VGA’s.  It’s an action packed show and we really hope that you give it a listen.  I would love to stay in chat but … you know … drinking and playing The Old Republic is taking over!


We will be appearing, LIVE on the Boss Battles Gaming Marathon.  They live close enough to us, so we wanted to show support.  We will be on the stream;

Saturday, December 17th – 10 AM to 3 PM ET

Joey V and Chris are going to hang out, chat, play some games, and take on Rob and Jake at Arm Wrestling.  It will look much like the video clip below.

Show Notes

  • To get int our Old Republic guild, leave us a message at http://forum.g33kwatch.com
  • This guy is REALLY serious about Old Republic … except for the whole thing being fake, it’s pretty much accurate.

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One Comment:

  1. 1.) Dark Knight Returns – I bought my Richmond ticket, but after printing it happened to notice the street address was for a theatre in Virginia Beach (not Richmond). I went back online and the green dot for Richmond is gone. I called the Richmond IMAX and spoke to a nice old lady by the name of Charlotte who basically told me WB fucked up the address and took the dot down to fix it. I got an email a day or so later with a corrected ticket. The prologue was awesome but unfulfilling in that the Dark Knight prologue (which I traveled from Connecticut to attend at Lincoln Square and got Jonah Nolan’s autograph) felt more like a complete, or perhaps longer, or something. It was probably because I had a real hard time understanding Bane (Kohn I’ll bet a million dollars I know what one part you couldn’t understand in the prologue…). On a side note, our location didn’t have Bane shirts and people complained that the Bat logo on the shirts was vastly different than what we’ve seen before. I agree but loved the shirt anyway (I’m totally wearing it while working out!!!!).

    2.) Regarding the Wall Street video game, and with respect to those who have witnessed tragedies or lost people because of them, perhaps we should consider that “having fun” and/or “playing” isn’t the only thing we can or should do, especially if it’s well-written and has a point, and especially in a world where old standards of violence don’t frighten or grip us anymore, and the effects of the things that do grip us fade over time with so much to do and so much going on. If you were watching a good movie or reading a good book would you walk out of the theatre or skip that part of the book just because it reminded you of something painful, even if it may shed some positive light or allow you to think differently about such events, or even the event you’re reminded of? I’m kinda thinking as I type on this one – I’m especially trying to think about how this compares to what a veteran might say about a game like Modern Warfare (the story mode).

    3.) VGA’s suck, and while taking a low-key approach might make them better, it might also be interesting to consider taking a more serious tone as well. Think about the movies out this year. Once you’ve cleaned up all the vomit, then think about the video games out this year. The cinema is (at least not now) not the place for true artistic spectacle or gripping, thought provoking stories. Video games are, and while self-importance is dangerous, I’d like to see an awards show that gives this industry, and the work of the people in it, the respect they deserve. But don’t get me wrong, how Adam Sandler kept his twin sister a secret for so long has kept me up many a night…

    4.) Kohn, you listed a bunch of things Will.i.am and the rest of the Black Eyed Peas have. I’d like to list something they don’t have.


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