g33kWatch Podcast – In the distant future of … 1997!

Last week we talked about Sequels.  This week, we talk about Xbox Live.  I know, it’s a touchy subject for many, but alas, it is at the forefront of the news as of late.  For our good friend and contributor Pedro, he finally has a full one year subscription after some awesome person (translation: Joey V), gave him one for Pedro’s birthday.  For other people, they are complaining because Microsoft just announce a $10 hike coming in November.

Because of all this, we spend the first bit of our podcast this week talking about Xbox Live and what we like and dislike about it.  Halo Nerds, be afraid, we rip you pretty badly.  =P

Despite that, go to www.haloathon.com and donate to Child’s Play.  5 guys playing all Halo games until they finish!  Very cool and for a great charity.  Yes we already donated.  =)

After that, we have a review of the new Mass Effect 2 DLC – Lair of the Shadow Broker.  Overall, it’s an amazing $10 as it adds about 2 hours of gameplay, and brings resolution to what has been going on with Liara from the first game.  Recommendation?  Buy it immediately, will give you some idea about where they are going for Mass Effect 3.

We also talk about Penny Arcade’s and PvP’s new collaboration entitled “The Trenches“.  No big information just yet, but we are excited about the prospect.

Finally, we preview one of our upcoming convention panels, “Where’s my Hoverboards and Flying Cars?!”.  In this panel we talk about silly movies, books and video games in which the creators made an outlandish statement like, “In the distant future … 1997” and how none of their ideas or future technology came to pass.

If you have any other examples that you would like us to know about, please send us an e-mail.

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